Yummy Seafood Now In Vashi
27 March 2017

Planning an outing this weekend and no idea where to go? Don’t worry! Take your family to the best seafood restaurant in Vashi-Something’s Fishy. It is always ready with the strong fragrance and smart availability of different seafood. Their variety has been attractive since 2003 making the place unique. 80 % of Mumbai population is dependent on fish and is often looking for best seafood joints. Few are lucky enough to find the best ones but others stay lost. So, no need to worry about it anymore because Something’s Fishy- a seafood restaurant in Vashi is here. What else do you need? Just move out with your gang and hit to Something’s Fishy in Vashi for some lip smacking, delicious, mouth watering, juicy prawn cutlets, pomfret fry, fish balls, lobster, ring squid etc at an affordable price.

People in Mumbai are habituated and engrossed in sceneries of beaches and windy evenings and are dominant lovers of seafood, not only seafood but fish, chicken, and everything. Now talking about seafood and fish, let’s not forget the benefits of it. Fish is one of the healthiest food. It provides important nutrients such as protein and vitamin-D which balances a normal human beings diet and helps in improving one’s body and brain. There is a certain type of fishes available in the market that lowers the rate of heart attacks and strokes. It increases the gray matter in the brain and protects from age-related deterioration. Fish prevents depression and often helps in improvement of the skin making it look healthy. Fish may also help in preventing asthma in children, and helps in improving the eyesight and sleep quality and concentration power of children. It also brings a natural shine in hair making it look healthy and unbreakable. Last but not the least, it is easy to cook. Dishes like Fish N chips, Fish curry, Prawn fry, Prawn Curry, Masala Fried Pomfret, Crab curry, Lobsters, Squids etc might sound hard but it is simple to cook and amazing to taste. There are few new dishes available at Something’s Fishy- a seafood restaurant in Vashi, which one should definitely try for once.

Something’s Fishy offers with buffet, deals and package system which is cheaper and healthier than any normal seafood restaurant. The package deals go like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffet every day in a different time at different rates. The chefs of the same are specialized in seafood dishes which can leave you licking your fingers. The management of Something’s Fishy is well maintained with skilled managers and workers making it look professional and comfortable for the customers. They will give their best to serve you right and leaving a permanent mark in your head.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a seafood lover and living somewhere near Navi Mumbai then Something’s Fishy is your place, the best seafood restaurant in Vashi which specializes in making delicious multi-cuisine like Chinese, North Indian and of course Seafood. The ambiance of the seafood restaurant at Vashi is quite different and cozy making the place better than other seafood joints in Vashi and making people choose Something’s Fishy every time over local restaurants.