Why you shouldn’t miss the buffet at Something’s Fishy
21 August 2017

A buffet is one of the most sought-after social events. A buffet offers people the opportunity to do something that they would usually never do in a restaurant: hog like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s face it, even though many deny it, everybody loves filling up their plate with generous amounts of food and digging their teeth into it. Add seafood into a buffet, and you will possibly have heaven on earth. In Andheri (East), this heaven is called Something’s Fshy, a restaurant by Tunga International Hotels. Residents of Andheri tout it as the best seafood in Andheri East.

Following are some components of the buffet at Something’s Fishy:-

Salads: Freshly cut vegetables that are used in preparing different varieties of salads. Meat lovers may find a salad or two that can meet their cravings. Although, they’d be too busy with the non-vegetarian spread in the starters and the main course, to bother checking out the salad section.

Soups: Anyone up for something hot going down their throats, could try the soup section. Their amazing variety of soups and their seafood soups are a must-try.

Starters: The starters take the show in Something’s Fishy’s buffet menu. Seafood starters are fresh. The kebabs and tikkas are well-marinated and well-done. Their Bombil Fry is to die for. After all, Bombil Fry is a specialty of Mumbai and is therefore a must-have dish. In the event that Bombil Fry isn’t a part of the Buffet menu, one can always try it when ordering a la carte. The best part about the starters is that the waiters will come and serve the starters on the table. One just has to browse around, choose the starter and request the server.

Main course: The main course usually features dishes from different cuisines. Dishes range from Prawn Goan Curry, Squid Gassi, Ratnagiri Malwani Crab, to Dhania Murgh, Tarkari Gassi, and a lot more. All of these dishes come with their own respective accompaniments in the Rotis/Bread section. Of course, people who aren’t fans if Indian breads can always opt for some aromatic rice, different kinds of dals, or even a traditional Indian Biryani.

Desserts: This section is the icing on the buffet. If people aren’t too busy praising the starters, they will be seen praising the desserts. The buffet at Something’s fishy always the choicest selection of desserts. While browsing the buffet dishes, people are often seen eyeing the dessert a lot. Some of them just rush through all the other sections mentioned above, just so that they can quickly grab some desserts.

That sort of wraps up the fare of Something’s Fishy’s menu. All the dishes that were mentioned earlier, were just a fraction of what is actually available in their menu. One would have to visit the restaurant to believe it. With this wide a range of delicacies, available at pretty decent and pocket friendly prices, it’s no wonder that Something’s Fishy – by Tunga is one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East.