Why a visit to Tunga (Vashi) is a must for seafood lovers
17 October 2017

These days, finding a seafood joint that balances quality food, fine dining, and value for money, isn’t easy. In the past few years, the cost of seafood has skyrocketed. Gone are the good old days when local fishermarkets used to be filled with local fisherwomen, always on the lookout for customers who would buy their catch. Back in the days, one could sit and bargain with the fishwerwomen to get fish at almost any price they would ask for. That is, however, not the case today. Prices of fish have skyrocketed through the roof and one has to think twice before making fish a part of his/her daily routine.

Although, all these problems shouldn’t bother the average seafood lover; not when there is an amazing seafood restaurant called Something’s Fishy. Being the best seafood restaurant in Vashi, Something’s Fishy gets everything right; right from the food, to the ambience, the décor, and the service. Customers visiting the restaurant are often seen praising the service as the waiters are always eager to help the customers out in choosing the perfect dish.

The key differentiating factor in the food at Something’s Fishy is the freshness. When it comes to seafood, taste and freshness go hand-in-hand. Although freshness is a vital component of any food group, when it comes to seafood, it’s significance multiplies. A true seafood connoisseur would know the fine difference in taste that arises due to difference in quality of freshness. The fact that Something’s Fishy serves the freshest food is evident as one can see people leaving the restaurant, praising the butter garlic crabs and the prawn curry. The crab dishes also bring out the best in Something’s Fishy’s service as the waiters and servers patiently break the crab into reasonable portions. This ensures that customers can eat their crabs, hassle-free.

The ambience is very inviting and one can see a lot of families sitting and enjoying their meals. In fact, one can find almost all types of groups here; from families to office-goers, couples, etc. Once someone dines at Something’s Fishy, he/she will keep coming back to the place. This is why the restaurant keeps getting people who have been its loyal customers. It is this loyal fan base that keeps the restaurant going.

Their menu is something which can leave anyone, spoilt for selection. With a good variety of dishes made ready by their skilled food chefs’, one may have a variety of preparations to settle on from. Their menu features delicacies from all over the country, like North Indian, Malwani, Manglorean, Keralite, Goan, Parsi, and also, Continental and Chinese. Also, their menu features some delicious deserts. Of course, true seafood lovers will already be in heaven one starters and main course is done. Vegetarians, need not worry as their vegetarian fares boast of the same authenticity, as seen in their non-veg fares.

Describing the food in an article wouldn’t do Someething’s Fishy, justice, and one would have to visit the place to experience the best seafood in Vashi.