We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.
19 May 2017

-Anna Thomas
Good food brings you a good feeling too. It quenches your soul from within and that is what the best seafood restaurant in Andheri East does to make your day.

Something’s Fishy satisfies you completely offering the best platter. They are specialists dealing with the best Seafood in Andheri East and count it their major forte. From mouthwatering crabs to lobsters, Shrimps, Bombil, Salmon and other varieties in fishes, you will always be confused to what you should order. They are all always so luscious. Something’s Fishy offers a great variety of wine that proves a perfect match with seafood and that is what makes it a heaven’s bliss. They are well known for Seafood herein and have been building this reputation since its establishment in the year 2003.

It may be easy to find a place that gives its customs the perfect combinations of spices and flavors together but when you step into something’s fishy the aroma of seafood cuts through the air making you drift off into a fantasy world where all you get is just the best seafood you have ever eaten. Finding out a restaurant that serves good seafood dishes is quite a task in Mumbai. It’s a risky affair for such a type is temperamental, given the season and the weather. You should make sure the restaurant brings in a fresh catch every day, the fish is prepared in a hygienic setting, the chefs are all well trained and that is when you get your money’s worth.

Food Making needs Art and Perfection together to bring in the right taste. The blend of both creates the mesmerizing aroma in the food and your mouth waters. Perfection is something that something’s fishy is known for. As it is a fine dining restaurant you get just the best of the best. Fleshy crabs and lobsters are gorged onto with full satisfaction by the customers. That is something which brings a hearts content to the Fish-Mongers. The satisfaction of its customers is what it strives for and that is considered the greatest reward. The place is enriched with soothing music and great ambiance that adds to its perfectness and you want to visit it again and again.

“Something’s fishy” not only offers you fishes but also a wide range of vegetarian and other non-vegetarian cuisines which are equally delectable! So, whether you choose between vegetarian or non-veg dishes, you can be sure of the freshness and taste that remains intact every moment. This however is a major concern when one wishes it delivered at his doorsteps. This fine dining restaurant will deliver it there too without a fret and the unique preparations tastes the same as it is, when served in the restaurant. They keep it in mind to deliver the parcel steaming hot fresh every time.

Whatever your reason is, whatever your preferences are, you can look forward to Something’s fishy in Andheri for great food, warm services and a great experiences. So come on down to something’s Fishy and try it for yourself. Though one has his own likes and dislikes, I'm pretty sure you are going to love this place.