Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part II
01 December 2017

We have already seen the different types of fishes and the best way to savour their delicious taste. It was covered in the article Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I and if you haven’t read that yet, you should, right now. In the last part, we covered ground on fishes like Pomfret, Bombil, and other premium well-known fishes. In this article, we’ll be covering certain other types of fishes and sea-creatures (don’t worry, they don’t bite, and they’re extremely tasty).

Also called as shrimps in certain places, Prawns are a delicacy in the seafood world. Prawns are used in almost all the cuisines across the country and are loved wherever they’re used. Prawns can be steamed, fried, saute’d, barbequed, cooked in curries, and even minced. There is a variety in the cooking techniques with respect to the anatomy as well, as prawns can be used with or without its head and tail in food preparations (and you can find a lot of such dishes at most of the Fish restaurants in andheri east)

Must-try: Jhinga Koliwada. Koliwada is the name of a place in Mumbai. The ‘Jhinga’ or prawn is marinated in Ajwain and other spices. This combination of spices is derived from the traditional ‘Amritsari Macchi’ from the North. The prawns are then dipped in batter and deep fried. This dish is to-die-for.

In terms of variety of dishes and cooking techniques, squids seem to give prawns, good competition. The types of cooking techniques varies from country-to-country. In India, squids are minced, saute’d, and also cooked in curries. The squid is usually used in the form of rings. The body of the squid is sliced to form rings.

Must-try: Squid Gassi. In Manglorean cuisine, gassi is a word for ‘gravy’. In this dish, the squid pieces are tenderly cooked in a coconut gravy. Fish restaurants in andheri east like Somethings’s Fishy do a good job at making squid dishes as you have to be careful while making a squid dish. If under-cooked or overcooked, squid will not be edible/taste good.

Clams can be eaten raw (yes, raw, in some countries), cooked, fried, and boiled as well. In India, clams are predominantly used to make curries and side dishes/salads. Despite being somewhat of a side dish, clams are extremely tasty and relished by the people who consume it regularly.

Must-try: Teseryo Sukke. The word ‘Sukke’ indicates that the dish is dry and not liquid/curry-heavy. However, don’t mistake it to be anything less than spicy as the dish is cooked in authentic Malwani masalas, and packs the Maharashtrian flavor punch.

Yes, crabs are nowhere close to a fish, yet as they are found in the sea, they do come under ‘seafood’ and also, they are far too tasty to be left out of this list. Crabs are usually boiled, before their meat is used for making food preparations. To eat a crab, after being cooked, the pieces have to be broken off, with the cooked meat removed and served, or, the crab meat is initially removed and then undergone through different cooking techniques.

Must-try: Crab Mandovi. Mandovi is a river in Goa. This popular dish blends local spices with the Portuguese flavors to give out a dish that has no parallel. It goes well with pav or rice, and is a must for any crab lover.

PS: Something’s Fishy (the best fish restaurant in Andheri East) is conducting a Crab food festival from December 3rd, 2017 to December 19th, 2017.