Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I
16 November 2017

The best part about eating fish is the sweet and succulent taste of its meat. Now, different fishes have different tastes to their meat. A food connossieur who has tried and tasted fish dishes would know the difference between the different types. Fish dishes are based on these types as one can’t just use any fish recipe for a particular fish. Based on each fish type, recipes have been created and time-tested so that the taste of any particular fish is brought out by the right set of ingredients. One can find a number of such recipes at any fish restaurant in Andheri East, and other areas.

Let’s take a look at the different types of fish and the dish that best captures the respective taste:

Pomfret has a history of being the most-loved fish among all cuisines. It is available throughout the country, and even more so, in Maharshtra. You can thus ensure that it will be available, and prepared well, at our favorite fish restaurant in Andheri East.
Must-try: Pomfret Malwani Curry. A traditional Malwani dish that combines the sourness of Konkan, the texture of grated coconut and a blend of traditional Mahrashtrian spices to bring you a dish that represents the coastal belt of Maharashtra.

Also known as Kingfish, this fish has less bones and is, therefore, an easy fish to eat. The taste of Surmai is not in its own flesh, but in its ability to blend with the flavors and spices in which it is cooked. The flesh of the fish is flaky and can be often seen being devoured by fish-lovers. Must-try: Manglorian Surmai Tawa Fry. A delicious fish appetizer that is coated on both ends with a lip-smacking Manglorean masala and fried on a tawa. The manglorian masala blends beautifully with the Surmai flesh. Every piece becomes a spicy, tasty, treat.

Salmon, or more specifically, the Indian Salmon, colloquially known as Rawas, is one of the most loved fishes throughout homes and restaurants. It is a favorite amongst chefs who use it for the succulent meat that offers great taste. One can even find Rawas among different street food joints, selling it in different forms (most of them deep fried in a tasty, spicy batter) or, of course, at your favorite fish restaurant in Andheri East

Must-try: Salmon Tandoori. Bishop’s weed or Ajwain, along other traditional Indian spices are used to marinate the salmon and cook it in a clay oven. The result is a wonderfully well-balanced and succulent fish starter that becomes the star of every table.

Also known as Bombay Duck, Bombil is a fish with a lot of flesh and very, very soft bones. That’s the reasons why it’s so popular. Everybody loves a hassle-free fish-eating experience and Bombil delivers in that regard with it’s soft bones.

Must-try: Bombil Fry. As mentioned above, different fishes have different best cooking practice needs and in the case of Bombil, frying it is the best option. Bombil fry, an original recipe from the fishing (Koli) community in Mumbai, has come through slight changes and variations, courtesy of the recipe being passed down through different hands, but still carries the same incredible taste and flavors.

Loved this article? Keep calm and wait for Part – II of the types of fish and related recipes.