Tips on how to plan your Vacation
03 November 2016

A vacation is supposed to be a fun and relaxing break from your everyday life. However, an improperly planned vacation can end up being a major nuisance. Here are proven ways to help you plan your vacation:

Choose your vacation destination

Make a list of top 5-6 vacation destinations, you would want to visit. If there are other people travelling with you, have them do the same. Instead of making this a chore, make it a fun activity. Spend some time talking about each place and why it would make a good destination. Over the course of a few days, you will surely come up with a destination that will please everyone.

Research your accommodations

If you are looking forward for a relaxed vacation, a luxury hotel would be the best option for you. Consider options like 24-hour concierge, free WiFi, in-room amenities like coffee/tea maker, telephone and television, as well as options like having a good view or being near public transit lines.

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Make travel arrangements

If you are travelling with children and other family members, options such as taking a train or bus or even renting a recreational vehicle may be less expensive and even fun. But, if it’s a long distance journey, then flying is the quickest way to travel. However in this case, plan for your vacation at least 2 - 3 months in advance - this way you will get the best rates for hotels and airfare.

Find great deals online

A big chunk of your expenses depends upon the kind of accommodation you choose. The cheaper it is, the more you save. If you are looking to strike a deal with a hotel, try to do some research online, to find some great deals on your stay. If you're travelling to Mumbai on a weekend and are looking for a good hotel in Andheri – a one that offers a great deal on your stay, then Tunga hotels is the best option for you. The hotel offers some amazing weekend packages, if you do the bookings online through

Save money for your trip

Start a travel fund. Create a new account with your bank and feed it regularly. Make it easy to transfer money over from another account. So every time you go online to check your balance, make sure you transfer some money, even if it’s as low as 10 Rupees.

Make your money saving plan fun by adding reminders on your wall, mobile or your office desk. This way, you will be constantly reminded that you need to save a certain amount, for your upcoming dream vacation.