Throw your bait- The best seafood restaurant in Vashi
12 August 2016

“I’m on a seafood diet- I see food and I eat it” - foodie
Finding a great seafood restaurant is an arduous task. Yes, there are the franchises and chains that allegedly offer high-quality seafood, sometimes their menu items are quite good, but nothing can compare with fresh, authentic seafood. The question is how are you supposed to locate these restaurants? Look no further because you’ll find the best seafood restaurant in Vashi.

Something’s Fishy

Something’s Fishy, by Tunga Hotels, takes the title of “best seafood restaurant in Vashi” It offers an appetizing variety of fresh seafood that will tickle your taste buds. It is a multi cuisine restaurant that offers various preparations of seafood, meats and even vegetarian dishes. From buffet to a la carte delicacies, desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth craving, curries from the Konkan coast to Black bean sauce from the Great Wall of China. It’s got something for every foodie out there. Modern setting, fashionable seating, a dining experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, warm and friendly service, it’s a 5-star experience that won’t disappoint. They represent the best that Vashi has to offer when it comes to fish.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”- Julia Child.

The location of the restaurant is as important as the quality of its food. Mumbai is a coastal city; therefore a seafood restaurant is likely to get its catch fresh from the nearby ocean. On the other hand, for cities in the interiors, the seafood is transported over long distances which do compromise on its freshness. Nothing can compete with fresh fish. Vashi is a major ‘fish hub’ with the Arabian Sea supplying fresh seafood every day. Different sizes, tastes and textures the seafood restaurants in Vashi serve it up fast, fresh and simple without ever compromising on taste.

Fish Fact

Research over the past few decades has shown that fish are rich in nutrients and minerals, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are heart friendly and good for the immune system. The nutrients in this versatile protein can enhance brain development and reproduction. It also helps in reducing blood pressure. Growing up, my father tried to get me to eat a lot of fish as a last resort to scoring well in math. It didn’t help me score in math, but I did fall in love with fish!

The monsoon season is celebrated widely in Mumbai. “Mumbai kibaarishmeinkuchtohbaathai” (There is something about the rain in Mumbai), it brings people together. Take a walk on Marine Drive and you’ll see a mob with their selfies sticks and rain Chappals screaming with joy at the top of their lungs. What better way to enjoy the rainy season than with some mouth-watering seafood. A lot of people say seafood should be avoided during the monsoons. You don’t need to avoid seafood altogether, Just keep in mind that the place should bring in a fresh catch everyday and prepare the seafood well.

When it comes to picking a restaurant, you must look at how well each restaurant prepares their seafood. A few questions to keep in mind, how is the fish prepared? Is a fresh catch brought in daily? The cuisines offered? Something’s Fishy ticks all these boxes and any more, that’s what makes it the best seafood restaurant in Vashi.

As the best seafood restaurants in Vashi, Something’s Fishy promises good taste, with a fresh catch brought in every day and chefs who make sure the standard only goes higher.This is because the chef is as important to the end product as the product itself. Indian or continental, what you won’t be is disappointed. These chefs may not carry chef whites, but they do know their fish. Seawater runs in their veins and they treat the seafood with respect. What you taste is love in every bite and an experience that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Unpretentious, full of flavor and healthy, nourishing for the soul, you can enjoy seafood in all its glory at Something’s Fishy. No matter your reason or your preference, you can look forward to good food, benevolent service and a great experience.