The novelty of Fish Restaurants in Vashi
29 August 2017

The amount of development that has been happening in Vashi is nothing sort of an achievement. 5 star hotels have come up. There are restaurants offering fine dining options and cuisines that contain quality food and flavors that have been hand-picked out of numerous geographical locations in the world. A quick look on Zomato will give you an idea about the restaurants in Vahi and Navi Mumbai. With higher ratings, restaurants in Vashi and Navi Mumbai have been rising in terms of popularity, especially seafood restaurants. The fact that these restaurants have a price range that is a bit less as compared to the restaurants in the main city, makes them much more appealing to the masses.

Earlier, Navi Mumbai had a tendency to be regarded as just an area on the outskirts of Mumbai. With the kind of development that can be seen now, it’s no wonder that a lot of people bought flats and homes in the properties here. To cater to these people, a number of restaurants, malls, and complexes came up. The fine seafood restaurants that can be seen in Vashi today, are all part of this spurt in development. The area has taken a life of its own.

These Fish and seafood restaurants in Vashi don’t just serve you international cuisine on a plate. Options from local and regional cuisines are also present, to tickle those taste buds of yours. After all, no matter how tasty the food, the best way to connect to an individual is to offer food that has been prepared in a way that is recognized and loved by the individual. Also, these regional dishes aren’t your typical traditional standard dishes that one would find in almost every seafood restaurant. The dishes are a part of a fine dine fare and therefore have a certain taste and flavor that is unique to each restaurant. After all, why make people travel all the way from Vashi to the suburban regions to eat seafood or any other cuisine at a fine dine restaurant.

With the idea of providing the people of Vashi with quality seafood, the restaurant Something’s Fishy has been set up. People who have a passion for traditional, as well as exotic dishes from regional and international choices, will have their eyes tingling with excitement if they have a glimpse of the Something’s Fishy menu card. Right from Shrimp cocktails to Lobster Tellicherry, Something’s Fishy has them all.

It’s interesting that such a myriad of flavors is available at a fine dine Fish restaurant in vashi. It’s the aspect of fine dine that attracts people to such places. Everybody is over the typical restaurant with standard menu and standard rates (although the rates seem to be having a growth of their own with the recent GST changes). Fine Dine options and restaurants with a unique theme/touch in their dishes are all the rage in this world of Zomato and Instagram. Indeed, with delectable dishes that are as delicious as they are presented, Something’s Fishy is a restaurant that takes away all the glory!