The Many Cuisines at Something’s Fishy
15 December 2017

Vashi has long been known for being a go-to place for hogging on seafood, thanks to Something’s Fishy (touted to offer the best seafood in Vashi) and it’s amazing seafood spread. But have you ever given this variety a thought? Each dish, when it hits your taste buds, gives off its own set of distinct taste and flavors. The reason for this distinctiveness is the different types of cuisines from where these dishes hail. The distinctiveness isn’t limited to the country as Something’s Fishy serves best seafood in Vashi prepared in authentic international flavors. Take a look at the different cuisines found in our menu:

Mongolian cuisine makes extensive use of meat and dairy products. Spices and vegetables aren’t used as much and the dishes are majorly cooked/steamed. A keen observer would find hints of Chinese and Russian flavors as the inspiration.

Malvani cuisine comes from the South Konkan region (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa) in India is very well-known for its fish dishes. This cuisine makes extensive use of coconut and its various forms (desiccated, whole, chopped, dried, grated). Masalas are strong and use a whole range of Indian spices to get the signature taste.

Mangalorean cuisine encompasses a variety of South Indian flavors, as the city of Mangalore, from where it originates, is a cosmopolitan belt of South Karnataka. Fish forms a staple part of the diet and the primary spices used are coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli, and garlic.

Goan cuisine is known for containing a majority of rice, seafood, coconut, vegetables, and local spices. The spices and flavors used are pretty pungent, Kokam (Tamarind) being one of the primary ones. Goan cuisine is similar to the Malwani cuisine, which has been mentioned above.

Although not a cuisine, and more of a style/method of cooking, the sheer variety of Tandoori dishes qualifies it as a cuisine in itself. Every Tandoori dish has a standard cooking technique, where the meat (or vegetables) are marinated in a specific blend of ingredients (which varies as per the quantity of the particular spices used) and cooked in a Tandoor (clay oven). This variety and unique taste of Tandoori dishes has made it one of the most popular Indian dishes in the world.

Continental Cuisine is a broad term, and usually contains within it the cuisines of Mediterranean and French predominating, along with some addition from other European countries. Olive oil, garlic, Mediterranean herbs and spices are the main components of this cuisine. Meat and bread are often included in preparations.

Who can forget the delicious Parsi cuisine? This cuisine leaves all of the others in the dust, when it comes to the utilization of eggs, fish, and meat in their preparations. Rice, curries (dals), potatoes are the accompaniments/components of almost every Parsi dinner.

This cuisine needs absolutely no introduction. The representative of the Oriental cuisines, Chinese cuisine scores high when it comes to fish dishes. Its techniques of mixing and matching meat and vegetables with different sauces and spices are unmatched and loved, all over the world.

The above cuisines make up the best seafood in Vashi which is served at Something’s Fishy.