Taste excellent seafood in Andheri East
26 June 2017

Have you ever been on a hunt for that impeccable seafood in Mumbai? Trust me, it’s harder than fishing. You will be exhausted of your patience doing it and still the right taste will never be acquired. There exists many seafood lovers in recent times and the proper seafood restaurants are scarce. It is a feeling that only this type can relate to. When you want fishes, the right taste is the key factor and unless you get that, your taste buds won’t just quit. Your desire to have it again would quickly rise in no time. The chase is now over with the excellent seafood restaurant in Andheri East. Something’s Fishy is all that you will need. The rich taste of seafood that you get here will take time to eradicate from your tongue. Something’s Fishy has that aura in itself that can turn you its admirer. It is the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai and has been a popular place for fish seekers.

Something’s Fishy was established in 2003 under the chain of Tunga Hotels and continues to maintain adequate standards of serving simply the best. Quality and Service has been their key priority ever since its inception and they never compromise with it. They count their goodwill as an important treasure and fear its loss.

You can explore the riches of authentic Coastal, Indian, Pan Asian cuisine at Something’s Fishy, Andheri. It is located near the business hub and thus makes it a convenient place for an easy access. It is a completely fishy affair at the restaurant where the aroma of the cooked fishes doubles your hunger. One wants more of it and with so many varieties, the platter size never seems to shrink. You will have multiple options at this restaurant in Andheri. Though they are generally known for serving the best fishes, Something’s Fishy also has a menu fit for the vegetarians. They have panner, pasta, mushrooms, soups and much more, that are equally delectable and can be a divine treat to any vegetarian food lover. They also offer you buffets that are more than perfect and that too at very affordable prices. There are offers on buffets that allows you a grand dining experience at the restaurant with family and friends. They see to it that they provide you the right value for your money and the visit leaves a lasting impression upon you. All you need to do is, surrender yourselves to the warm ambience and leave the rest upon the team of Something’s Fishy. Without a spec of doubt, will they make it an indelible event of your lifetime and you will always want to give it a second chance. It is that relationship they fluently build up with its customers that brings this Fishy restaurant on the individual’s preference list.

‘Opinions may differ from person to person, but they cannot be framed unless you are well acquainted with it.’ That is what the seafood restaurant in Andheri East will just want, and i.e a fair chance. It is not a distant dream for it then to reach its aim and sooner Something’s Fishy will be the best restaurant in Andheri East.