Sharing the seafood love from Vashi
26 December 2016

There is no love more sincere than the love of food

Due to Mumbai’s proximity to the Arabian Sea, seafood has taken over the food scene. Not only does it have immense health properties like reducing blood pressure, it’s light and tasty. What better time than this monsoon season to enjoy fresh seafood. Whether you’re a fan of the soft fleshy Pomfret or the delicate crab you’ll find the seafood in Vashi.

Seafood makes up the world's prime source of high-quality protein: over one billion people rely on seafood as their primary source of animal protein.

Let us now look at some of the benefits of fish. It is loaded with important nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D. It is known that fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely significant for your body and brain. Health benefits of eating fish that are supported by research. It also provides a good source of high-quality protein and contains numerous vitamins and minerals

Seafood can be quite an acquired taste owing to its wide variety, different textures, and the taste. Seafood can also be quite tricky to prepare. Whether it’s a spicy Goan crab curry or a Mandalorian Ajadina, get the seafood in Vashi.

Research over the past few decades has shown that fish contain a lot of minerals and nutrients, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. These are heart-friendly and can enhance brain development and reproduction. This has illuminated the utility of fish for the human body. Fish is the one of the best food to include in one’s diet and you can get the seafood in Vashi.

There are countless ways fish can be prepared. It can be raw like sashimi). It can be cured like ceviche, pickling (pickled herring), or smoking (smoked salmon). Or it can be cooked by baking, frying (fish and chips), grilling, poaching (court-bouillon), or steaming. Many of the preservation techniques used in different cultures are still performed for their resulting taste and texture when consumed. Some of the finest seafood restaurants around the world highlight ‘freshness’ as a key factor for a good taste.

Being a port city, Mumbai, has an abundance of seafood. It also serves as an eclectic mix of cuisines from Goa to Mangalore, Chinese to Parsi, and so much more. Vashi has a little bit of everything for the foodie in you. Be it a 5-star dining experience or a humble shack, the seafood is honest and vibrant.

Something’s Fishy is one such restaurant that can boast as serving up the seafood in Vashi. It offers an assortment of seafood dishes, multi cuisine preparations from Chinese to Mangalorean, Parsi to Goan. Apart from seafood, it also dishes out various vegetarian and meat preparations. It offers a breakfast and lunch buffet, a la carte` delicacies and a dessert section to satisfy every sweet tooth craving of yours. Their seafood is the champion because of its fresh, authentic and simply delicious. The ambiance is a fine dining experience open to all ages, great seating, modern façade coupled with warm service.

It serves up good food that makes you feel good. Book yourself a table at Something’s Fishy to enjoy the seafood in Vashi.

Uncomplicated, light and hearty, full of flavor and healthy, you can enjoy seafood in all its glory at Something’s Fishy. Whatever your reason, whatever your preference, you can look forward to good food, warm service, and a great experience.