Share the Seafood Love in Andheri East
25 April 2017

Mumbai’s culture lies in its fresh assortment of seafood. And you will find the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East. Andheri East is a “fish hub” and the Arabian Sea, like a dutiful trader, brings in a fresh catch every day. The markets are dotted with rows of banana leaves laden with Pomfret, Crabs, Prawns, and Bangda, in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, Andheri East has seen seafood restaurants mushrooming all claiming to be and offer only the best. It’s not every day that you find the best seafood in Andheri East but with something’s Fishy, you will never be disappointed.

Something's Fishy has its best celebration going ahead with awesome fish and astounding costs. If you buy 5 buffet dinners you get 1 buffet dinner free. Having a decent taste is something that everybody pigs out on. It might be anything but difficult to discover a place that gives its traditions the ideal blends of flavors and flavors together however when you venture into something's fishy the fragrance of fish slices through the air making you float off into a dream word where all you get is quite recently the best fish you have ever eaten.

You can encounter the diverse varieties of crabs and lobsters made by just the best culinary experts that set aside the opportunity to set up your dish till it is great. Flawlessness is something that something's fishy is known for. As it is a fine feasting eatery you get only the most elite. New and plump crabs and lobsters to pig out on and they guarantee you that you leave with a grin. Completely fulfilling sustenance that will never disappoint you. With alleviating music and awesome feel, what more would you be able to request?

So would you say you are in Andheri and searching for simply the seafood in Andheri East? At that point, you know you have gone to the perfect place with something's Fishy, as the name says it all. A one of a kind flavor in whatever you arrange. Fragrances that are good to the point that you close your eyes to simply have a vibe of them. So why hold up and let this brilliant open door blur away. In the event that you end up in Andheri go ahead down to Somethin's Fishy and attempt it yourself. No one judges here to eat any way you need the look of fulfillment is the thing that they are going for.

So fish beaus, crab significant others, lobster partners and wine mates its time for you to take a stab at something new at something's Fishy. What's more, on the off chance that you are a man that barely ever go to coffee shops any longer (you ought to, however!), yet in the event that you saw such a menu, to the point that had all your most loved things on it, I'm certain you would arrange it instant. Cherish for nourishment can never be so satisfying without something's Fishy. Attempt it yourself and let me know whether I am off-base. Despite the fact that everybody has their preferences, however, I'm certain you will love this place. Do check out this restaurant that has the best seafood in Andheri East.