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10 mouth-watering Malwani delicacies of Tunga restaurants that need to be on every foodie's wishlist
29 September 2017

Nestled on the Salsette island, Andheri is believed to be the Mecca for seafood lovers. Owning to its geographical location of been closed to the sea and of course, the increasing number of seafood lovers, the numbers of seafood restaurants in Andheri are going on increasing.

Tunga Luxury Hotels Presents Exclusive Weekend Offers For Your Stay
22 September 2017

Prestigious and impressive the Tunga star hotels in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are truly a welcome sanctuary for discerning travellers, both local as well as international. Conveniently located, the hotels offer a fine blend of contemporary design and world-class service.

A Short Guide to Indian Seafood Cuisine
13 September 2017

India: A hotbed for seafood
Being a country encompassed by water on three sides and with an approximate coastline of 7517kms, India is a hotbed for seafood varieties. Each coastal state has its own traditional seafood specialties, making India the heavenly delight for the seafood lovers.

Regenza: Pioneer of 5 star hotels in Navi Mumbai
4 September 2017

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Anyone who comes to visit this city of dreams, for a business visit or even for personal reasons, should be staying somewhere that fuels his/her dreams. Mumbai is a city that isn’t just known for it’s penchant of making people’s lives, but also known for it’s culture, it’s heritage, it’s people, their food, and of course, hotels that act as landmarks for people visiting the city.