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King Crab At Vashi
27 September 2016

“Good food ends with good talk”- Geoffrey Neighor
When you think of the best seafood restaurant in Vashi you think about many things. The food should be delicious, the service warm yet impeccable, the ambience to be comfortable and inviting, the prices should be worth what you get. When you think of all these things there is only one restaurant that comes to mind- Something’s Fishy.

Delectable Seafood in Andheri East
21 September 2016

"Food is not about impressing people, it’s about making them comfortable"- Ina Garten

Seafood has jumped leaps and bounds, especially in India. From the humble curry to modern plates of food, seafood is now prepared to showcase every cuisine from all around the world. Mumbai is a port city with an abundance of seafood, from the tiny prawn to the mighty Pomfret.

Andheri's Seafood Secret
12 September 2016

Seafood is a versatile class of food in itself. It’s easy to prepare, easy to eat and also very good for one’s health. It can be used in salads, fried, in a curry, baked, steamed and even eaten raw. It can be quite an acquired taste, but owing to its large variety, there’s something in it for everyone, except vegetarians.