Seafood Specials In Andheri East
20 October 2016

“I am on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it”. Everyone wants to know where the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East are. Some may find out wacky places to eat, but, we give you a cheap yet fine dining experience with Something’s Fishy. Seafood restaurants in Andheri East are many but to get what we offer is something rare. We bring to the table fresh and lip smacking flavors that will excite your pallet with every bite you take. We give you an experience like never before something that you would like to take back with you.

Mumbai’s culture lies in its fresh assortment of seafood. And you will find the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East. Andheri East is a “fish hub” and the Arabian Sea, like a dutiful trader, brings in a fresh catch every day. The markets are dotted with rows of banana leaves laden with Pomfret, Crabs, Prawns and Bangda, in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, Andheri East has seen seafood restaurants mushrooming all claiming to be and offer only the best.

So, what’s special in Andheri East? Well that is easily answered by two simple words “Something’s Fishy” We want to make your sea food experience memorable. Making you just hear the sound of people enjoying the food without talking. Despite having a lot of competition we know what the locals like. Getting chefs to recreate something do delicious that you would want to visit us time and time again.

Something’s Fishy knows how to keep up its authentic seafood restaurant in Andheri East. It is difficult to find such a restaurant hence, Something's Fishy is the place to be for the best seafood restaurant in Andheri East with its wide range of seafood delicacies on the menu. From crabs to fish, prawns and lobsters, you can find all varieties seafood here.

So why wait? Something’s Fishy waits to give you the finest seafood you have ever eaten. There is one place that does deliver the best seafood restaurant in Andheri East and some more. Something’s Fishy is a multi cuisine restaurant that opened its doors to the food lovers of Mumbai in 2003. It is best known for its fresh assortment of seafood but, also offers delicious dishes for meat lovers and vegetarians out there. It boasts many cuisines from spicy Schezwan cuisine to the humble Mangalorian fish curry. The mighty King crab, the decadent lobster, firm fleshed Pomfret or nonchalant clams, whatever your pick you’ll find it here.

So come on down to Something’s Fishy and try it for yourself. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the services and food we offer you. We wait to serve you till you are completely satisfied. If you are a foodie and love seafood then this is your hub for great food and a great life. Something’s Fishy awaits for you to come and try out the seafood they have to offer, so don’t waste any more time.