Seafood, one word for food, health, & taste
28 February 2018

What comes to your mind when you think about seafood? A fish, a crab, a lobster? Well the list of dishes is too big for us to just read and not eat. Taste is the ultimate factor that drags us to seafood, but have you ever wondered their impact on your health?

Mumbai being one of the fastest growing cities, it’s obvious that people here face a lot of stress and take precautions by often going for a healthy diet. But can you think of a food item where taste, health, and nutrition go hand-in-hand? Well, seafood is the answer. Apart from being tasty, seafood is the major source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. With seafood being one of the rare foods with rich Omega3 fatty acids, they can help you to mitigate or prevent chronic diseases. Seafood also promotes your heart health! With high contents of Omega3 fatty acids, seafood prevents/reduces the risk of cardiovascular occurrences such as strokes and heart attacks. Joint pain? Arthritis? Seafood is the medicine you are looking for! Well, obviously it won’t cure it completely, but will definitely reduce the stiffness in your joints. All thanks to Omega3 fatty acids.

But wait? Every coin has a flip side. So does seafood. When you’re locating for a seafood restaurant in Andheri East, suburbs, town, or whichever locality you stay in, you have to make sure you choose the right place.

Well, few of the highest rated restaurants like Something’s Fishy, a seafood restaurant in Andheri East, make sure that the seafood you have ordered has been cooked to the fullest. But why cook to the fullest? Because seafood products that are consumed raw or partially cooked are at the highest risk.

Apart from cooking, seafood being a product from the wild, has to come from a safe source. Seafood comes from the environment around us, so obviously there are high chances of chemical contaminations in seafood, which means, the chemical waste we spread can come back to us from the seafood we eat. Fishes have mercury in them, an excess of which can harm us in many ways. Harm us how? It can basically damage a fetus completely or the nervous system of a child. This mercury again comes from the environment (naturally or via polluted means). Needless to say, man is destroying his own backyard, through his restless and greedy actions.

Not many people cook seafood at home. Most people often prefer going to a particular restaurant, like Something’s Fishy, the main reason being, the quality of food.

There may be many seafood restaurants in Andheri east, or in any part of Mumbai, but you should make sure of the ones worth going for, study reviews, and go for fine dining, thus choosing the best ones to enjoy your meal!

When going out to have a seafood dinner, make sure that you have selected a right place for your dining. After all, it’s not just the food, it’s also where you eat the food and how it’s made.