Seafood On The Cards
23 March 2017

Traveling to Mumbai and missing out on the most versatile and popular cuisine present here could be no less than a grave mistake. Receiving beyond appraisals, Mumbai takes pride in her variety of preparations in Seafood, which greets and leaves every food lover with a huge comeback. Starting from mouth watering preparations of mild, creamy Salmon, to the aphrodisiac essence of delicate Oyster and Crabs, it would be a terrible move for one to not try at least one of each of the admired dishes.

One will find plenty seafood restaurants in Mumbai and that have a reason behind. The point is why Seafood is so popular in Mumbai? So here it is. Foodie people everywhere in this town. Now that is amazing, isn’t it? Once you taste seafood here, you will be fond of their recipes provided you taste it from restaurants where it is prepared the best. North, south, east or west of Mumbai, you will find seafood everywhere. But the research work is required before you hit any restaurant.

There are too many Seafood restaurants in Vashi, but will you go for all? I say no. Something’s Fishy located at Vashi stands out of all and has its own identity in the world of seafood. Now, why would you go for Something’s Fishy? As I told you, standing out of the box, it is the Best seafood restaurant in Vashi. Established a decade and a few years back, Something’s Fishy is one of the leading seafood serving houses in Vashi. There are other good restaurants in Navi Mumbai serving seafood recipes, but none in comparison to Something’s Fishy. From crabs to fish, prawns, and lobsters, you can find all varieties of seafood here. Location to service, ambiance to variations in recipes, Something’s Fishy leads the way. As the research speaks, the “best seafood restaurant in Vashi” will never disappoint you with high priced dishes. Something’s Fishy is very attentive towards its customers and thus, quality food with average price. There are other seafood restaurants in Vashi which provide you quality food and customer service, then why Something’s Fishy? Best seafood recipes, best ambiance, best customer service, reasonable price- everything gives you the reason to choose this restaurant over others. Customer’s feedback and comfort matters and thus Something’s Fishy can be separated from other restaurants. So once you know how to be out of the box, you are clicked and framed.

Something’s Fishy will never put you down or disappoint you. Seafood preparations like Crab Lasooni, Beer Batter Fish, Prawns Malwani Sukke, Bar-b-que Lobster, Slice Pomfret Fresh Chilly Coriander, and much more will push you to the door of this particular restaurant. Now, what are you waiting for? Invite people, settle a plan, pick them up and visit the best seafood restaurant in Vashi. Come out with a heart full of satisfaction and suggest others. Yes, reserve a table this coming weekend, and experience what you haven’t experienced yet. EAT GOOD, FEEL GOOD.