Regenza: Pioneer of 5 star hotels in Navi Mumbai
4 September 2017

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Anyone who comes to visit this city of dreams, for a business visit or even for personal reasons, should be staying somewhere that fuels his/her dreams. Mumbai is a city that isn’t just known for it’s penchant of making people’s lives, but also known for it’s culture, it’s heritage, it’s people, their food, and of course, hotels that act as landmarks for people visiting the city. One such hotel in Vashi (navi Mumbai) is the The Regenza, which is brought to you by Tunga Hotels. The Regenza is one of the best hotels in the area. In fact, the Regenza was the first five star hotel in Vashi (navi Mumbai).

Establishments like Tunga are the pioneers of these hotels. Gone are the days of lodges and small rooms. Earlier, the only good hotels would be in the suburbs, near the airport (for obvious reasons). Today, almost every area or location has at least a decent three star hotel, if not a five star hotel. The facilities provided at the hotels are implemented, taking into care, the diverse clientele visiting the hotel. Hotels like the The Regenza set the benchmark for other hotels as well, raising the overall standards of the hotel industry.

One factor that separates hotels established by the Tunga group, are the their location. Any individual that comes to live in the city, would love to see the landmarks in the city. Therefore, staying at a hotel which is situated in a prime location would tick all the right boxes. After all, who wants to spend a majority of their trip travelling from one place to another. Apart from visiting landmarks in the city, individuals that are on a business trip would also prefer meeting at a convenient location. Nothing can come in between business, especially traffic and long distances.

The hotels are as good as the people running them. Yes, no matter who or what organization/hotel it is, it is the people that make them that counts. Just visit The Regenza (or any other Tunga hotel for that matter) and you’ll be greeted by people and staff with warm smiles and friendly demeanor. The reason is that every unit of these hotels has a certain head taking care of them. There is an individual who directs and co-ordinates with his team and therefore ensures that the work gets done in a timely, efficient and polite manner.

Coming to the best part about the hotels run by the Tunga, they aren’t heavy on your budget. Yes, these hotels are built with the value of the customer’s money in mind. Quality, location, and value for money is what makes Tunga hotels not just good, but great. The Regenza, a part of these great hotels, takes pride in serving its customers world class amenities and facilities. With 24-hour dining rooms and high-speed wi-fis, customers aren’t catered to, they are actually pampered with. Being the first five star hotel in Vashi, it’s pretty sure that it is going to be pampering guests for years to come.