Pomfret, Prawns and Andheri East
24 October 2016

So, let’s say that you been eating chicken for a while now. It’s probably starting to get a little bland, right? Don’t get me wrong, chicken is amazing and if you couple it with all the herbs and spices India has to offer, then, frankly speaking, you’ve got a dish that’ll make you forget all your problems – for a while at least. However, India isn’t only known for its spice trade; since the majority of the country is surrounded by water, the seafood is another of India’s specialties. Now, if you have a craving for some seafood in Andheri East, the local fish market is probably your best bet. There’s pretty much an array of freshly caught fish coming in every morning, the fishing folk are, after all, early birds. If you’re good at haggling prices, then there’s a delightful seafood lunch, or dinner, waiting for you at home.

Ok now, what if you weren’t in the mood to cook? What if it’s a Sunday and you’ve probably been cooking all week and you need a break? Or what if you’ve had a long day and you're famished, and you got something with scales and fins on your mind? Well, no worries, there’s a really good restaurant for seafood in Andheri East. It’s called Something’s Fishy – I know, catchy right? The restaurant is owned by Tunga Hotels and is an amazing place to get your seafood on. The restaurant features authentic coastal, Indian and Pan-Asian cuisine and the best part the ingredients are always fresh, so you don’t have to worry – just enjoy!

The restaurant is definitely the place especially you are a health freak; fish is, after all, a very healthy substitute for white meats like chicken, and especially red meats like beef and pork. In fact, many nutritionists will recommend fish as a protein source if you prefer non-vegetarian. Fish oil is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids and is extremely beneficial for your body’s cardiovascular health. The oil is also vital in the supplementation industry and is recommended by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. So, it’s pretty apparent that amongst most seafood restaurants in Andheri East, Something’s Fishy is right up there when it comes to serving up healthy food. Even if it’s vegetarian food you prefer, Something’s Fishy is the place to be. They have a wide range of vegetarian dishes, so the next time you’re out with all your meat-loving friends, you won’t feel left out.

It’s not just the fish, though, Something’s Fishy serves up some really good prawns as well. The Peppery Prawns and the Sizzling Prawns in Chili Sauce, are two of the many dishes to die for. There’s also some delicious North Eastern and Mangalorean style squid and clams, along with crabs and lobsters. Other entrées include vegetarian, chicken and mutton so there’s something for everyone. The best part is that you can order up some domestic and international spirits to accompany those scrumptious seafood dishes. Something’s Fishy – one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East, is the one stop paradise especially if you have hankering for seafood. So, what are you waiting for?