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6 Cuisines To Try When In Andheri East
28 October 2017

Andheri is one place in Mumbai which speaks to the best attributes of the city in itself and its people. This quickly developing corporate center pulls in an extensive number of youthful workers from all over the nation. Keeping in pace with the expansive statistic of its occupants and their differed inclinations, one restaurant which has become a hit in the list of preference of every food lover in Andheri East is Something’s Fishy

Why a visit to Tunga (Vashi) is a must for seafood lovers
17 October 2017

These days, finding a seafood joint that balances quality food, fine dining, and value for money, isn’t easy. In the past few years, the cost of seafood has skyrocketed. Gone are the good old days when local fishermarkets used to be filled with local fisherwomen, always on the lookout for customers who would buy their catch

Few Reasons Why Tunga Hotels are Known to Be the Best Business Hotels in Andheri
09 October 2017

Andheri is a commercial hub in Mumbai. It’s known to be the largest suburb of the Mumbai city and is a home to a vast number of shopping outlets, restaurants etc. With thousands of people traveling to Andheri on daily basis for work, the option to look for a great luxury business hotels in Andheri is always in a great demand.