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Pomfret, Prawns and Andheri East
24 October 2016

So, let’s say that you been eating chicken for a while now. It’s probably starting to get a little bland, right? Don’t get me wrong, chicken is amazing and if you couple it with all the herbs and spices India has to offer, then, frankly speaking, you’ve got a dish that’ll make you forget all your problems – for a while at least.

Seafood Specials In Andheri East
20 October 2016

"I am on a seafood diet. I see food and eat it". Everyone wants to know where the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East are. Some may find out wacky places to eat, but, we give you a cheap yet fine dining experience with Something’s Fishy. Seafood restaurants in Andheri East are many but to get what we offer is something rare.

Why people choose Hotels near Mumbai Airport?
17 October 2016

Mumbai previously known as Bombay is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is one of the top centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow, and is a home to bollywood and numerous companies and multinational corporations.

Fine Dine at Vashi
13 October 2016

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy the best fine dining ever? If you are then you have to come on down to Vashi. Since you are in Vashi, you should try the fish restaurants in Vashi itself. Tunga Hotel! One of the finest of them all gives has the best fish restaurant in Vashi. As you step into the restaurant the aroma of seafood sweeps you off of your feet. The services there are warm so that you feel like your right at home. As you get lead to your table the ambiance is just right.

Best Seafood in Vashi
05 October 2016

Something’s Fishy, by Tunga Hotels offers a delectable assortment of the freshest seafood and other delectable dishes. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers the best food coupled with the fine dining experience that you are looking for. Whether you’re a fan of Mangalorean fish curry or a steamed fish in black bean sauce, it’s got something for every foodie out there. It looks classy and is the type of dining experience that offers value for your money. The chefs work behind the scenes to bring you the best in quality and quantity.

Grab the Bait
3 October 2016

“Good food is, very often, even more often, simplest food”- Anthony Bourdain
Are you a fan of seafood? Are you currently searching for seafood restaurants in Vashi? Don’t kill your brain cells by endlessly searching on the internet. Come straight to Something’s Fishy, Regenza by Tunga Hotels at Vashi. You will be glad you did.