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Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I
16 November 2017

The best part about eating fish is the sweet and succulent taste of its meat. Now, different fishes have different tastes to their meat. A food connossieur who has tried and tasted fish dishes would know the difference between the different types. Fish dishes are based on these types as one can’t just use any fish recipe for a particular fish. Based on each fish type, recipes have been created and time-tested so that the taste of any particular fish is brought out by the right set of ingredients. One can find a number of such recipes at any fish restaurant in Andheri East, and other areas.

This Winter Share Your Warmth @ Tunga Paradise
07 November 2017

This winter warm up with a luxurious retreat at Tunga Paradise. One of the best hotels in Andheri, Mumbai - Regale boasts beautiful ambiance, classy amenities, and lip-smacking food, to help you create a memorable experience with your friends, family, and relatives.
If you wish to celebrate the winter season in style with a touch of luxury visit Tunga Paradise and avail the following offers: