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Best Seafood in Vashi is here
25 May 2017

We have surely seen or heard of Fish Addictive Bongs in the community, and yet more certainly will you be one among them too, when you visit this restaurant in Vashi.

Something’s Fishy, is that drug which will quench your thirst with the perfectly cooked fish. It holds some of the finest cuisines that can excite your pallet. In context to the name, it provides a perfect picture to the mind wherein you know that it is a “Fishy” - affair. Well acclaimed for fishes, the restaurant also has a wide range of vegetarian food which is equally tasty and delectable. It also has a great collection of wines and a much wider collection of fresh fishes that will perplex you. You really don’t know what to select from among Crabs, Salmon, Lobsters, Pollock, Catfish, Cod, Unicorn, Whiting, Shrimps and many more. Try out the different tastes of crabs and lobsters with the best-paired wine, and that would make your entire day. To mention a few: Prawns Gassi, Tawa Pomphret fry, Pomphret in Malwani curry offered in the restaurant are my personal favorites.

We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly
19 May 2017

-Anna Thomas
Good food brings you a good feeling too. It quenches your soul from within and that is what the best seafood restaurant in Andheri East does to make your day.

Something’s Fishy satisfies you completely offering the best platter. They are specialists dealing with the best Seafood in Andheri East and count it their major forte. From mouthwatering crabs to lobsters, Shrimps, Bombil, Salmon and other varieties in fishes, you will always be confused to what you should order. They are all always so luscious. Something’s Fishy offers a great variety of wine that proves a perfect match with seafood and that is what makes it a heaven’s bliss. They are well known for Seafood herein and have been building this reputation since its establishment in the year 2003.

Check out the Best Seafood restaurants in Vashi
13 May 2017

Seafood: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:
Offer me the costliest, the most delicious, or most well garnished dish besides a simple boiled fish, and I will choose the later. Seafood is potent enough to win over anything. It tops the list of my personal favorites and many like me exist who are in love with the same.

Here’s the Best Seafood Restaurant in Andheri East
08 May 2017

Being a foodie with a taste for the exquisite might sound like a tough experience, but you’ll be surprised. There’s a vast amount of variety in Mumbai when it comes down to tasty food that’s also worth your buck. To find a restaurant that is splendid in flavor and tasteful with their ambience may take a while, which is why we make it easy for you to get yourself to one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri east.