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Salad: An Introduction and Types
28 March 2018

On an average, a human being notices and interacts with hundreds of objects on a daily basis. Seldom does a person ever stop to think about the object in front of him. This article isn’t about the environment or any other awareness-hungry topic under the sun.

Kalamari, in the making
24 March 2018

What is it?
Originated and transformed from different languages, the word Kalamari represents ‘fried squid’. One of the very popular dishes in America, Greece, England and India. When it comes to India Kalamari is specifically famous in Goa & Seafood restaurants in Andheri East. Kalamari is eaten in many cuisines, however the most famous of them is notably the fried squid, which evolves from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Inside Pomfret
19 March 2018

Pomfret, also known as pamplet in our native language is one of our favorite food when it comes to eating a fish. But what do we know about Pamplet? Pomfret fish comes from a kingdom called ‘kingdom of Animalia’. There are more than 15 species of Pomfret which are currently present in the world. Howeve, a majority of them are mainly found in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and of course, our favorite, the Indian Ocean.

All about that Shrimp
12 March 2018

Shrimps are a species of crustaceans found in the sea. Anyone who doesn’t identify with the term ‘crustaceans’ can simply think of shrimps as sea creatures with shells as a part of their biological anatomy. A shrimp is extremely similar to a prawn, and their names are often used interchangeably with each other. But can a shrimp replace a prawn in every aspect, right from taste, to nutrition, or in any particular dish, and what do you think are you served with, when you order prawns in any fish restaurant in Andheri East? You’ll have to read this article to find out.

How to Stay at a Luxury Hotel for Less!
06 March 2018

Planning a fancy holiday? Here’s how you can grab a luxury hotel in Mumbai at a price you can afford...

Travel Off-Season
Traveling off-season can mean cheaper hotel rates and cheaper flights. Besides paying less, you also get a chance to enjoy less crowding and a more laid-back atmosphere.