Make Your Taste Buds Buzz With Seafood
28 December 2017

You all must have heard of sea food right? Well, I know it definitely makes your taste buds go gaga! With a huge source of protein and found especially the coastal areas, Seafood mainly includes delicious fish which people love to eat it. There are also varieties in sea food ranging from fishes to aquatic plants and other organisms.

Well, as we all know Mumbai has a long coastline and it’s obvious that sea food here is one of the most served cuisines in the city being popular for its sea food. Mumbai being the hot spot of fishermen a few decades back definitely has one of the best seafood cuisines to serve. This city of dreams has always gained its popularity in different varieties of sea food. But won’t you allow yourself to visit the best seafood restaurant and make your trip pleasurable?

Where can you find the best sea food in the city? Andheri east in Mumbai has the best seafood restaurant you will want to visit over and over again. One of such hot spots is ‘Tunga hotel’ which is popular for its wide variety and delicious sea food. From ‘pomfret’ to ‘prawns’ this one place will give you what you want in sea food. This hotel serves you with the best seafood along with well-maintained hotel property. All kinds of modern facilities are available in the hotel and you can simply enjoy the splendid environment letting your taste buds sooth themselves. The location is extremely accessible. It is near to ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’. Those visiting Mumbai, this place is the best you can get in terms of service as well as the seafood. The best sea food restaurant in Andheri east with affordable prices is here.

For all the sea food lovers, let me tell you the dishes served in the hotel. It’s a fine dine and best seafood restaurant in Andheri east established in 2003 with the wide menu serving different varieties of delicious fishy dishes like prawns, lobsters, mouth watering salmon roe, jellied eels, deep-fried pomfret, marinated swordfish, crabs, shrimp, molluscs and so on. You just can’t have enough of it!

The environment of this hotel is warm and one can have the excitement of their favourite sea food served on the table that would flatter all your senses. The speciality of sea food here is Omega 3 fatty acids present in them which are considered best for your heart, so it is like you get the best test and the best of your health as well.

Sea food lovers, your craving would end here as this is the best seafood restaurant in Andheri east, Mumbai which is a perfect destination for dining with your family or friends. Staying in Mumbai and not visiting this Tunga hotel is surely none other than a big loss for sea food lovers. Do visit this place for the delicacy of sea food served here. We bet that visiting this restaurant for the sea food is going to be your best experience. Do not waste your time anywhere, after all, hogging over the food is everything that we all live for.