Loyalty Program by Tunga International
10 March 2017

Tunga International is counted among the best luxury hotels in Mumbai. Whether it’s a business meeting or a family trip, this luxury hotel in Mumbai near International airport ensures a stylish, sophisticated and majestic experience to all its guests.

The silver loyalty card is a demonstration of Tunga’s ongoing commitment of making guests feel more than welcome every time they stay. The loyalty card not only offers attractive benefits and perks, but also offers great value for money.

Silver Loyalty Card: How to Apply?
Any customer or a guest of Hotel Tunga International can apply for the silver loyalty card. The card is valid for one year from the date of issue. The card can be used for dining only, and not for takeaway or home deliveries.

Earning Points:
Upon application of the card, you are automatically credited with 200 points. And if you celebrate your birthday/anniversary @ SOMETHING’S FISHY, you get a further credit of 100 points.

At Something’s Fishy, points would be collected as follows:



1 - 5000


5001 - 15,000


15,001 & Above


Remember that you can only claim for a discount towards the points you have earned, but cannot claim any cash back. Also, the earned points are not transferable to any other card.

Redemption of Points: Points can only be redeemed once 1,000 points are collected in the card. This threshold is applicable only for the first time. To redeem points, customers need to present the “My Rewards” card along with the photo id before asking for the bill.

If customers plan to redeem points at Something’s Fishy, every point will be equivalent to Rs. 1/-. Only 75% of the points can be redeemed at the time of the bill payment, while the remaining 25% will be saved back in the card for the next visit.

Note that points earned by members can be redeemed only after 24 hours; same day redemption is not allowed.

The silver loyalty card cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts or special menus or other offers. Tunga may have individual promotions from time to time; details of these offers will be displayed in the particular restaurant where the offer is on.

Change of Address/Canceling the Card/Reporting Lost or Stolen: In the case of a change of address or mobile number during the membership, customer needs to email Tunga International at international@tungahotels.com.

If the card is lost or stolen, customers can write to Hotel Tunga International at international@tungahotels.com or call on +91 22 61446464. The stolen or lost card will be blocked right away, and a new card will be issued immediately at a cost of Rs.50/- plus tax.

To summarize, the silver loyalty card is one of the most attractive loyalty programs among luxury hotels in Mumbai. We firmly believe your experiences with us should reap long-term benefits for you. With more exceptional benefits and perks like the silver loyalty card, we aim to make your stay more rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying!