Khow Suey: The Burmese Connection
19 February 2018

Khow Suey. A dish that can be found in most of the seafood restaurants in the country, and a speciality in Something’s Fishy, the best seafood restaurant in Vashi. However, very few know about the yarn of history that this dish has threaded through, before coming to India. Yes, Khow Suey isn’t an Indian dish and its history is something that deserves to be explored.

Before World War II, Myanmar and India were both under British rule. Indians made up a significant percentage of the population as both the countries were under the same administration, and therefore, a lot of Indians would come to Burma looking for work. The Japanese decided to invade Burma in 1942, to deliver a blow against the British rule. However, the news carrying the probability of this happening, had already reached the people by 1938. This created a fear among the Indians living there as they now felt unsure about their fate without the British to protect them. In 1941, the Japanese started bombing Burma.

Therefore, between 1938 and 1942, a number of Indians, migrated back to India. In 1942, the Japanese finally invaded Burma (Rangoon), because of which the British administration there, collapsed. From 1942 to 1945, there was continuous retaliation and firing between the Japanese troops and British troops. American regiments also contributed in aiding the British to fight the Japanese invasion. By 1945, Japanese rule had ended in Burma, with a total of 1,50,000 Japanese men.

Myanmar achieved Independence in 1948. Which was almost the same time as India. Out of all the losses, hardships, and trouble faced by the people of this country, and abroad, were some cultural traditions brought into the country by the Indian residents of Myanmar. Khow Suey was one such dish and was a delicacy that was welcomed by the Indians.

For those who have no idea of what Khow Suey is, and have landed on this article accidentally, while searching for the best seafood in Vashi, please read on!

Khow Suey is traditionally a Burmese dish, which in simple terms can be stated as a noodle soup. The noodles are usually made from egg and the soup liquid consists of chicken or beef with coconut milk, mixed with a variety of tasty and contrasting condiments. They key to making this dish is the timing and procedure. If the standard instructions aren’t met, one can make a complete mess of this dish. Khow Suey consists of a combination of noodles, coconut milk, and meat, a very unusual combination, but an extremely tasty one. This combination was a result of the culinary influences from nearby countries, China and Thailand, into Burma.

Khow Suey is an excellent dish if someone is looking to replenish oneself with energy, and acts as a great beginning to a buffet or meal, which is precisely why it can be found in the Something’s Fishy buffet, which comes under the best seafood in Vashi.

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