Is it all about the food?
05 February 2018

With great taste, food, should come out from a great hygiene
We all love great taste don’t we? But do you ignore the fact of how it’s made? To go deeper into the subject, do you even think about from where is the material procured? Well, not too deep, but yes, we all should be concerned about the hygiene factor of a particular restaurant while selecting it. Restaurants like Something’s Fishy, A buffet restaurant in Andheri East, make sure that you have the best of dishes that come out of a clean method of cooking them. Not just the seafood, but the vegetarian palate is also thoroughly taken care of!

With Great food comes great Ambience
Imagine a place where you get the best lobster dish, but when you’re about to eat that you realize the walls around you are water dripped and stinky, and the chair you’re sitting on is actually not a chair it’s a broken stool? Would you pay for it? At Something’s Fishy (a buffet restaurant in Andheri East), Tunga, you’ll find both, the best of lobster dishes with the best of ambience around. You might want to enjoy your lobster with a glass of wine, on a perfectly set dining table with a chair that gives ergonomic comfort! And as the greats have said it’s not always about the food, it’s also about where you eat it.

Nothing seems to be great without service
You select a restaurant, find a perfect dish with a perfect ambience around you, but however the staff is too busy to come and deal with your order. What’s your next step? Get up and leave! Exactly, the reason why the hotel industry comes under the category of service industry. And we always tend to ignore the fact that service gives us much more satisfaction than anything else while we walk into the restaurant. At fine dining restaurants like Something’s Fishy, a buffet restaurant at Andheri east, service begins as soon as you step into the premises. Go ahead, search for such restaurants while you plan to take your friends or your family out for dinner.

Location of your dinner venue
Location is one of the important factors when it comes to selecting a dining restaurant. It becomes all the more vital to select an appropriate restaurant when you are planning to eat a non-vegetarian dish. The only reason being, this will very much decide the hygiene factor of the entire restaurant and not just the food. There are various fine dining hotels like Something’s Fishy which are incubated inside another 5 star hotel. It very much adds up to the location as well as the hygiene factor.

Priceless satisfaction
Yes,last but not the least, we do have to take care of our pockets, because eventually they take care of us! Keeping these factors in mind, selecting a restaurant is an easy but a wise process to not just fill your stomach but give you utmost satisfaction from within!