How to Stay at a Luxury Hotel for Less!
06 March 2018

Planning a fancy holiday? Here’s how you can grab a luxury hotel in Mumbai at a price you can afford...

Travel Off-Season
Traveling off-season can mean cheaper hotel rates and cheaper flights. Besides paying less, you also get a chance to enjoy less crowding and a more laid-back atmosphere.

Book the Accommodation by Calling the Hotel Directly
Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Mumbai near the international airport or elsewhere, it’s often better to book directly with the hotel since they tend to offer you accommodation at a lesser price than what you see on other hotel booking sites. Many hotels even provide special offers and discounts if you do the bookings online.

You can even compare the prices on the internet and decide for yourself. This tip is usually beneficial if incase you're planning to stay for a week or more.

Let Them Know That You're an Influencer
If you have a large follower base on social media websites and channel, let them know about it. The hotel staff will make will sure they do everything to make your stay extra-special!

Inform Them about Any Special Occasion
Be it your birthday, anniversary or honeymoon – inform the hotel about your special occasion. The celebration plan might help you earn special amenity kits or offers from the hotel - that will make your stay all the more special!

Join Hotel Loyalty Programs
For hotels - loyalty program is a way of demonstrating the ongoing commitment to making guests feels more than welcome every time they stay. So if you are a frequent traveler consider joining the loyalty programs of luxury hotels. The loyalty program not only offers attractive benefits and perks in terms of points but also offers great value for money.

Tunga International is one such luxury hotel in Mumbai that offers great value for money. With multiple discounts, promotions, offers, and amazing loyalty programs, this luxury hotel in Mumbai near International airport tends to make your stay comfortable and affordable. Whether it’s a business meeting or a family trip, Tunga International ensures a stylish, sophisticated and majestic experience to all its guests.