How to Crack and Eat A Lobster In 5 Easy Steps
05 Janauary 2018

Eating lobster, cracking the shell and searching for the sweet, prized meat is a delightful experience. However eating lobster can be a little intimidating for even the food experts. We all have been there at some point of our life, right? But let me tell you, eating lobsters may seem messy at first but is pretty easy once you know the tips and tricks. Hence we bring you this step-by-step to cracking open and eating a lobster with finesse! So here is how you do it:

  • Crack open the tail: This piece of the lobster is the simplest to deal with and is normally the meatiest. Get the body in one hand and the tail in the other, and bend in opposite directions. The tail will come off. Roll the tail onto its side on the table, and push down with the two hands until the point when the shell splits. This will release the meat such that it comes out in one perfect lump. Break the flippers toward the end. At that point insert your thumb into the flipper end of the tail, pushing the meat out the flip side. Peel off the vein that goes through the tail and throw it away.

  • Attack the claws: Utilizing your hands, twist off one claw at the nearest knuckle joint. (Be cautious with those serrated edges and spikes.) Next, rip off the "thumb" of the claw (the slimmer portion of the pincer), and remove the meat inside it with a pick. Put whatever is left of the hook into a nutcracker on its flat side, and split at the widest point. Dig out the meat with your fingers; it should turn out in one piece.

  • The knuckles: These are the segments between the claws and the body. (There are four in total). You can pull off a knuckle with your hands and tear it open with the nutcracker. Drive the meat out of the shell with a pick.

  • The legs: Yank off every one of the eight legs with your fingers, at that point suck the meat from every leg, one by one.

  • Save for last: The body: This takes the most work and makes the most wreckage. (In the event that your lobster is small, don't trouble, since you won't discover much meat.) Hold the body steady near the tail as you pry the shell off the top of the lobster with your other hand, uncovering the rib cage. Utilize the pick to push the meat far from the ribs. For the adventurous: You'll recognize a soft green glue, called tomalley, which is the liver. It's a salty and velvety delicacy. Female lobsters contain red or orange eggs that are consumable.

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