Fresh Sea Food at Vashi
26 August 2016

“One cannot think well, sleep well, love well, if one has not dined well”- Virginia Woolf
Straight from the horse’s mouth comes the very words of wisdom that highlight what food should be. Fresh and simple is what we look for, in life, love and of the food. Freshness is imperative when it comes to fish, it should not smell fishy, and the eyes should be clear and skin firm. If you find yourself in Mumbai and hungry for something fishy, then the fresh seafood in Vashi is your stop.

Fish provides a good source of high-quality protein and contains many vitamins and minerals. It may be classed as whitefish, oily fish, or shellfish. Whitefish contain less fat and have firm flesh (usually less than 1%) whereas oily fish, like salmon, contain between 10-25%. The latter, due to its high fat content, contains a variety of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and essential fatty acids, all of which are important for the immune system.

Soft curly prawns, delicate crabs, firm Pomfret, whatever your preference, Vashi has it in abundance. The fresh seafood in Vashi is unmatched and it’ll keep you coming back for more.

The popularity of fish is growing because of its immense health properties. It is good for your heart, your brain and even your aching joints. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids laden with DHA and EPA, which store the essential health benefits for the human body. Apart from its utility for the human body, fish is light and easy to prepare. It takes little time to cook; it can be prepared in a variety of ways and can even be eaten raw.

The seafood in Vashi can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, but the best way to enjoy it is at Something’s Fishy, by Tunga Hotels. It offers a delectable assortment of the freshest seafood that always cooks to juicy perfection. It is a multi cuisine restaurant that is all about seafood along with meat and scrumptious vegetarian dishes. Whether you’re a fan of Mangalorean fish curry or a steamed fish in black bean sauce, it’s got something for every foodie out there. It looks classy and is the type of dining experience that has value for your money. The chefs only strive to bring you the best in quality and quantity. They are as finicky as the most fastidious customer out there, because they want to deliver magic in every dish. They yearn to make every bite a memorable one. The food is authentic and hearty; it comforts the heart and soul and leaves you wanting more.The staff is driven to make your food experience as comfortable and hassle free as possible. They have the answer to all your queries and their service always comes with a smile.

Whatever your reason, whatever your preference, you can look forward to good food, warm service and a great experience only at Something’s Fishy. Breakfast and lunch buffets, a la carte delicacies, an envious selection of desserts, it will always surprise you.