Fish restaurant in Andheri East provides you with the best
16 June 2017

The love for fish can just be understood by the ones who have had the best of them. The taste is impeccable and sticks to your taste buds when you have the finest preparations. A seafood lover can never resist himself to the aroma of fishes and this fragrance can call his hunger anytime, any hour. And even if his appetite is fully met, you would see him gobbling up large morsels of the fish. The perfect taste is all that they need. Seafood varieties are many and eating them well balances your health. The omega 3 fatty acids are considered best for the heart and can help prevent strokes. It is enriched with vitamin d and proteins and may increase the grey matter in the brain. It also protects you from age related deterioration and also protects your vision in old age. They are delicious and in no time can be prepared. The innumerous advantages of seafood raised its popularity worldwide and therefore the consumption of seafood today is comparatively more.

The key ingredient for any food is its taste and one will never be satisfied unless it appeases your taste buds. Rarely, barring a few restaurants could quench my thirst for seafood. The more simple it looks, the more difficult it is to deal with its preparation. The preparations in restaurants are complicated and such complications often create errands with the blend. The flavours should speak on behalf of the dish. With just a nibble on it, the taste should spread in your mouth and romance with your taste buds. Most of them could just lessen down my crave for seafood, but this fish restaurant in Andheri East satisfied me to my heart’s content. The Something’s Fishy at Andheri East will be the appropriate place for all such seafood lovers. It has a wide range of wines that well-accompany with all the exotic seafood dishes. They have varied options on the menu and one will never regret visiting this authentic fish restaurant in Andheri East. The staff will cordially help you select the best options in the list that will suit your mood for the day and make your experience in the eatery house a memorable one. Established in the year 2003, Something’s Fishy is already labeled as the best Seafood Restaurant in Andheri East. The restaurant is set up under the legacy of the Tunga hotels. The repute has to be maintained and therefore it is more of a responsibility to the team of Something’s Fishy to follow the right standards. They will serve you always serve you the supreme dishes correctly presented in the right manner and in the most courteous way. The dish will always be served steaming hot, so that never the taste has to be compromised with. The ambience of the restaurant is warm and cozy and is a perfect dine out place with family, friends, relatives, peer groups and couples. They have in store for you various buffet options even and this restaurant will bring you the true value for your money.

Staying in Mumbai? Haven’t yet visited this place in Andheri, being a seafood lover?

It is a real loss. Give it a chance and surely, you will never regret.