Fine Dine at Vashi
13 October 2016

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy the best fine dining ever? If you are then you have to come on down to Vashi. Since you are in Vashi, you should try the fish restaurants in Vashi itself. Tunga Hotel! One of the finest of them all gives has the best fish restaurant in Vashi. As you step into the restaurant the aroma of seafood sweeps you off of your feet. The services there are warm so that you feel like your right at home. As you get lead to your table the ambiance is just right.

Mumbai is known for its seafood craze, but to find the best fish restaurant in Vashi can be a bit difficult, that is why Something’s Fishy is the best place you can get to eat the freshest and delicious fish that you ever wanted. As the name suggests this place is the best fish restaurant in Vashi, and is known for its tasty surprises.

The location of the restaurant is very revealing of the quality of its food. In a coastal city like Mumbai, a seafood restaurant is likely to get its catch fresh from the nearby ocean. If in a landlocked city, the seafood will likely be a few days old, as it has transported over long distances. Nothing can compete with fresh fish. Vashi, is a ‘fish hub’, the Arabian Sea doesn’t disappoint when it comes to seafood. Different sizes, tastes and textures, seafood restaurants in Vashi, serve it up fast, fresh and simple.

Research over the past few decades has shown that fish contain a lot of minerals and nutrients, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. These are heart-friendly and can enhance brain development and reproduction. This has illuminated fish for the human body. Due to Mumbai’s proximity to the Arabian Sea, seafood has taken over the food scene. Not only does it have immense health properties like reducing blood pressure, it’s light and tasty. There is no better time than this monsoon season to enjoy fresh seafood.

The chefs who work behind the scenes are some of the best and that’s what makes this place one of the best fish restaurants in Vashi. They are well-trained, they treat the ingredients with respect and they prepare each dish with a lot of love. The staff is trained to understand each species of fish, the different flavor combinations and hence they can recommend dishes or describe one to you without having to look at the menu. Service is always delivered with a smile and you surely won't be disappointed.

So now don’t waste any more time to experience the best seafood that you would love to eat. Its burst of flavor and ambiance takes you to a place that you will never want to come back. Something’s Fishy awaits for you. Be a part of this wonderful fine dining experience. We wait to serve up some of the tastiest foods you have ever had.