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Seafood, one word for food, health, & taste
28 February 2018

What comes to your mind when you think about seafood? A fish, a crab, a lobster? Well the list of dishes is too big for us to just read and not eat. Taste is the ultimate factor that drags us to seafood, but have you ever wondered their impact on your health?

Tunga Outdoor Catering
20 February 2018

Tunga Hotel in Navi Mumbai, the Regenza takes pride in offering outdoor catering services. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, conferences, kitty parties, cocktails, weddings, and wedding related functions, family dinners, luncheons, social gatherings and any other functions – Tunga hotel organizes the catering service for 500+ guests.

Khow Suey: The Burmese Connection
19 February 2018

Khow Suey. A dish that can be found in most of the seafood restaurants in the country, and a speciality in Something’s Fishy, the best seafood restaurant in Vashi. However, very few know about the yarn of history that this dish has threaded through, before coming to India. Yes, Khow Suey isn’t an Indian dish and its history is something that deserves to be explored.

Is it all about the food?
05 February 2018

With great taste, food, should come out from a great hygiene We all love great taste don’t we? But do you ignore the fact of how it’s made? To go deeper into the subject, do you even think about from where is the material procured? Well, not too deep, but yes, we all should be concerned about the hygiene factor of a particular restaurant while selecting it