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Tunga Hotels Blog

Fascinating Feasts at Andheri East
22 February 2017

Cravings? Shrimps or lobsters? Tough decision to make. Something’s fishy will make it easier for you – the best restaurant in Andheri East. Seafood is something that everybody loves and when you get tasty treats just around the corner what’s better than that? Andheri offers you something that you just can’t ignore – yummilicious food at an inescapable price.

Fish Fetish at Vashi
15 February 2017

It’s not about being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it’s all about being a pescatarian. If your fish love is out of this world, you know where to visit. Something’s Fishy offers this luscious fish affair that can ever ignore. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that renders an indelible fishy episode.

Calling all food fanatics at Vashi
9 February 2017

As the saying goes “a recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe”, Something’s Fishy by Tunga delivers exactly the same. They induce soul in their food and their taste speaks for them. Come and check out this restaurant that has the best seafood in Vashi. Now seafood is never out of reach, you just need to step out of your place and there it is.

Crabilicious affair
3 February 2017

Keep calm and feast on crabs – yes if you are a crab lover, there’s a place made just for you. When hunger knocks, you just have to visit the best. Andheri has come up with the best seafood restaurant which can give your cravings a rush. Leave your taste buds wanting for more only at something’s fishy.