Fascinating Feasts at Andheri East
22 February 2017

Cravings? Shrimps or lobsters? Tough decision to make. Something’s fishy will make it easier for you – the best restaurant in Andheri East. Seafood is something that everybody loves and when you get tasty treats just around the corner what’s better than that? Andheri offers you something that you just can’t ignore – yummilicious food at an inescapable price.

Andheri East has become a hub of delectable food joints serving up one delicious dish after another. They dish up everything from meat to fish, dish up every kind of cuisine even Korean and Greek, the joints range from humble cheap pubs to boisterous restaurants. Foodies from all over Mumbai, flock here just to examine out the different food joints. Lately, a lot of seafood joints have mushroomed all around Andheri. Only at that place is one Fish restaurant in Andheri East that has become the talk of the townsfolk.

From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep water shellfish, seafood is a beloved treat. Seafood is nutrient-rich, serves as a respectable source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and in the reduction of common diseases. Hence as you embark on yet another crawfish boil or fish fry, know that the seafood you’re consuming will yield many benefits!

Though the specifics depend upon which type seafood, you eat, seafood is known for being a natural source of vitamins and minerals. B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin B. B-complex vitamins (vitamins such as B1, B3, biotin, B12, etc.) perform many different functions, influencing energy production, metabolism, concentration, and even peach! Some types of fish, such as salmon, are rich in vitamin A, which helps protect vision and advance the immune and reproductive system’s capabilities. Another vitamin found in some seafood – often the fatty skin of salmon, tuna, and others – is vitamin D, which promotes healthy bone development, calcium absorption, and boosts immune system efficiency as good as cellular phone growth.

Something’s Fishy has earned its fame as the best seafood in Andheri East mainly because of the varied cuisines it offers. Clients can enjoy Parsi, Malvani, Goan, Chinese, Continental, North Indian, Mangalorean and many more cuisines. Each cuisine is made with passion and genuineness. For a seafood lover, bite into the Karaikhodi Fish, Pomfret stuffed with minced prawn, the Crab Butter Pepper Garlic in oriental style, the Squid Aajadina, clams cooked in authentic Mangalorean spice, the Tiger Prawns Hari Mirch Tandoor, and Mumbaikars all time favourite, Stuffed Bombil.

The chefs who work behind the scenes are some of the best and that’s what earns this spot one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East. They are easily educated, they handle the ingredients with respect and they cook each dish with a bunch of passion. The stage has been trained to understand each species of fish, the different flavour combinations and thus they can recommend dishes or describe one to you without having to wait for the bill of fare. Help is invariably handed over with a smile and you will not be let down.