Experience this Fish restaurant in Vashi
21 June 2017

When it is good food, it all depends upon the taste that makes it good. There are innumerous restaurants capable of serving you food, but only some fit your taste buds. You get used to it and whenever you wish to enjoy your meals out, this specific one will be on the top of your priority list.

Exceptionally speaking for seafoods, that good taste is very rare to find in all restaurants and only a few match to all adequate standards that make your experience a delightful one. Something’s Fishy at Vashi is set up under the label of Tunga hotels that has never compromised with the quality and the repute it holds from decades. This fish restaurant in Vashi is currently set up and is maintaining the legacy of Something’s Fishy, Andheri that was established in the year 2003. This seafood restaurant in the least span of time has already popularized itself as the best seafood restaurant in Vashi. It serves you with all authentic dishes starting from crabs to prawns and the taste is so delectable that your quench for seafood is perfectly met. Your nostrils are enchanted with the aroma of the fishy smell as soon as you enter the restaurant. Even when you are not a fish lover, you will surely want to try it. That is all that this fish restaurant in Vashi will want you to do. Leave the rest on the skills of the chef who have their faith high on the upcoming bit, and they surely know that you will always want to add another scrumptious dish to your palate. The hunger is never met when it comes to the undisputed dishes at Vashi. Every recipe is a unique combination of all quirky flavours that is never experienced before and you will surely want to give it a second chance.

Gone are the days when it was difficult for seafood lovers to hunt the apt restaurant. With Something’s Fishy the chase is over. Rest back in the flawless lit ambience that is so soothing and enjoy the well crafted appetizing dishes with the right blend of great hospitality. The waiters are there to serve at all times to whatever glitches you come across. Be it the ingredients added to the specific dish, or a general probe on the type that fits your tenor, or the preparation style. They are well informed about all of them and can assist you at all times. It is just not the seafood they server to you, but they have many variants of options for all types of food lovers. Be it chicken, mutton, stake or paneer, they have it all. You can even order the food at your doorsteps when you do not want to go out. Seafood precisely has to be hot when galloped or else the taste is diminished. Something’s Fishy checks that too, and food is same even when they deliver it to your home.

It is a full proof restaurant that will keep all your needs in mind and therefore it is the best place to indulge in when you are hungry. And beyond a shadow of doubt will your hunger be met.