Excite your taste buds at Vashi
17 November 2016

"Seafood was always my favorite food. I mean, fried lobster? Come on. Once I found out shrimp, scallops and lobster were my allergic triggers, I had to change my diet." - Adrian Peterson

Food is something that people can bond over and with good food it never a problem. Since it’s winter season everyone wants to find food that will get you warm on the inside. With such weather what better way to find the best seafood restaurant that only serves the best seafood in Vashi. Lobsters are one of the best seafood dishes that you could have. As it is a hard shelled food there is a specific way to eat this delicious meal. If you do get a chance to choose your lobster in a restaurant, then you could be asked whether you would like a hard shell or one that has recently shed. The difference between a hard shell lobster and shedders are the difference in the shell. As the shedders have a softer shell since they have recently moulted.

If you like the tail meat then you should go in for the female lobster, since it has a larger tail that will contain a lot of meat. It Is hard to eat lobsters, but with the right tolls you will be able to handle it with ease.

  1. Dismantle:
    Some people like to eat their lobster part by part which is easy to do when you dismantle each part. However, others prefer to mantle the entire lobster all together
  2. Twist off the claws
    Pull the claw down and away from the body of the lobster. With the twisting motion it becomes easy to detach from the body. Remove the legs of the lobster, it is easy to suck out the meat from the legs. Some people tend to disregard this part of the lobster as the lobster has skinny legs they don’t eat it.
  3. Separate the tail from the body
    Crack the tail by either using a fork or pick, the removal of the tail reveals the meat from the tail twist the flippers from the tail and pull the small morsel of meat.

It is as simple as that, no need for so many fancy steps as all your needs that juicy meat which is within. This winter book your calendars for the best festivals coming your way the amazing crabs and lobsters. “Crabalicious” Something’s Fishy’s biggest festival you will come across with divine food items and the best wine which is perfect for the dish that you order. So are you looking for the best seafood in Vashi? Then you know you have come to the right place when you step into Something’s Fishy. Find just the best of the best here. Seafood that will take you places. No time to waste book your table now and experience the best seafood in Vashi today!