Eat amazing fish at the best seafood restaurant in Vashi.
20 July 2016

In the past few years, Navi Mumbai has seen a lot of development take place. It has gone from becoming ‘the outskirts of Mumbai’ to a completely transformed, brand new city of its own. This opened up a lot of opportunities for upcoming businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. to cater to the crowd that would now live in Navi Mumbai. We didn’t want seafood lovers to have to travel all the way to the suburban side of Mumbai in order to eat some delicious seafood, which is why we decided to set up Something’s Fishy in the upcoming part of Mumbai City’s Vashi district.

While Something’s Fishy does offer the best seafood in Andheri East, we decided to up our game by expanding our base to Navi Mumbai as well, with the aim of becoming one of the best seafood restaurants in Vashi. If you are a fan of the various delicacies present across the different coastal regions of India, then you will feel like you are in wonderland when you look at our menu. We have our professional chef’s making some of the most spectacular dishes that have origins from all over the country. Whether you like North Indian, Malwani, Kerelite, Goan, Manglorain, Indian, Chinese or Continental, we have it all. Not only do we have an amazing Non-vegetarian and seafood menu, but we also have an amazing menu for the vegetarian customers, so that nobody misses out on the unique cooking style that we deliver at Something’s Fishy.

Not only is the food great, but the drinks menu will keep those who like whisky along with their meal sitting there until the night is gone. That is because of the ambience of Something’s Fishy. It’s a warm, cozy place and all the people working in Something’s Fishy contribute to making your overall experience memorable and pleasant. Our chef’s cook with utmost love and care, our staff is friendly, polite and welcoming, and our whole team knows what it takes to bring meaning to the word hospitality.

Something’s Fishy has made a reputation for itself by consistently delivering high-quality, fresh seafood, which is absolutely lip-smacking and the a la carte delicacies will surely have you feeling gratified once you are done with your meal. This is why we are considered the best seafood in Andheri East, and aim at becoming the best seafood restaurant in Vashi as well.Once you visit Something’s Fishy, you’ll find yourself rediscovering your love for seafood. You will surely be spoilt for choice because of our wide range of options. We bring the wonders of the deep blue sea onto your plate.

In the coastal city of Mumbai, seafood is a major player in the food industry. The Indian seafood restaurant industry has also benefited hugely from the technical advantages of employing experts and efficient mechanical processes for the catching and transportation of seafood and fish. Where earlier seafood had to be preserved for days until it was brought on land and cooked, now the period of preservation has shortened considerably, and the preservation process also aims at keeping the catch fresh till its journey to the kitchen. At Something’s Fishy we implement all the modern techniques of preserving food so that you get it fresh on your plate. So don’t wait any longer. Come eat the best seafood in Vashi.