Drinks That Go Well With Seafood
16 August 2017

When you season a dish, or include a sauce, you're considering joining flavours that taste great together. Pairing drinks with your food, especially seafood is no different a deal. However, everybody discusses the most ideal and traditional approach to match seafood with brew and wine, yet shouldn't something be said about alcohol? As we would see it, fish and alcohol just go as one!

So we decide to come up with this guide that will help you mix the best suitable drink with your most loved seafood dish. Whiskey: The high verification of whiskey needs to go with a dish with enormous, intense flavours.

Gin: One of the more untraditional alcohol pairings, however believe us, this gin and smoked fish is a match made in paradise.

Tequila: Gold tequila is the ideal assistant to any dish with somewhat of a kick. The agave in the mixed drink offers your mouth a reprieve from the warmth.

Rum: This is the drink of mariners, so it's just normal to match it with fish! Attempt a glass of dull rum with crabs, you'll say thanks to us later.

Vodka: This can truly hit the spot when you're matching it with new fish. If your seafood dish is loaded with flavour and needs a drink that is straight to the point. Vodka is your answer.

Pairing drinks and seafood may seem difficult to reel in. Hence the best way to get it done right is to experiment yourself. We can give you suggestions all day, but everyone’s palette is very different. However, you can take note of a few things mentioned below.

Balance is vital. Fish regularly has more unobtrusive flavours that can be effortlessly overwhelmed, so choose drinks that use similar ingredients to your fish dish. One needs to play with the flavours of the dish however in the meantime, not throw your sense of taste totally off kilter.

Citrus is your companion. There's a reason many a seafood dishes accompany a lemon wedge: A straightforward press of lemon includes a fresh, clean flavour while giving the flavour of your fish or shellfish a chance to sparkle. However, utilizing excessively lemon can make it excessively astringent. Utilizing citrus in cooking or mixed drinks helps offset flavours.

Less is ideal. Excessively numerous flavours can overwhelm the essence of the principle fish fixing. There shouldn't be one flavour that is strong to the point that it's all you taste after one taste." Think about the mixed drink as a segment of your dish: Ideally, the drink will upgrade and draw out the best flavours.

With these tips, your next fish and mixed drink blending ought to go swimmingly. So next time you choose to indulge in seafood and when your waiter requests that what you'd like to drink, don’t just opt for wine. It’s time to call for a cocktail/ mocktail with your most loved fish dish. Where can you find the best of both in the city? Andheri east in Mumbai has the best seafood restaurant you will want to visit over and over again. One of such hot spots is Something’s Fishy by Tunga Hotels which is popular for its wide variety and delicious sea food. What more? This hotel also serves you the beat blend of cocktails and mocktails with the best seafood. From ‘pomfret’ to ‘lobsters’ this one place will give you what you want in sea food. One can simply visit to enjoy food and drinks along with the splendid environment, making it the best seafood restaurant in Andheri east with affordable prices.