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Make Your Taste Buds Buzz With Seafood
28 December 2017

You all must have heard of sea food right? Well, I know it definitely makes your taste buds go gaga! With a huge source of protein and found especially the coastal areas, Seafood mainly includes delicious fish which people love to eat it. There are also varieties in sea food ranging from fishes to aquatic plants and other organisms.

The Many Cuisines at Something’s Fishy
15 December 2017

Vashi has long been known for being a go-to place for hogging on seafood, thanks to Something’s Fishy (touted to offer the best seafood in Vashi) and it’s amazing seafood spread. But have you ever given this variety a thought? Each dish, when it hits your taste buds, gives off its own set of distinct taste and flavors.

Crab, Lobster and Wine Fest
08 December 2017

Something's Fishy is one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East and Vashi. The restaurant has made a name for itself for serving the hidden treasures of authentic Coastal, Indian, Pan Asian cuisine that’s delectable and lip-smacking.

Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part II
01 December 2017

We have already seen the different types of fishes and the best way to savour their delicious taste. It was covered in the article Types of Fishes and How you should try them: Part I and if you haven’t read that yet, you should, right now. In the last part, we covered ground on fishes like Pomfret, Bombil, and other premium well-known fishes. In this article, we’ll be covering certain other types of fishes and sea-creatures (don’t worry, they don’t bite, and they’re extremely tasty).