Crab, Lobster and Wine Fest
08 December 2017

Something's Fishy is one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East and Vashi. The restaurant has made a name for itself for serving the hidden treasures of authentic Coastal, Indian, Pan Asian cuisine that’s delectable and lip-smacking.

This time Something's Fishy restaurant has come up with a Crab, Lobster and Wine fest for all seafood lovers. From the waters to your plate, the Crablicious Festival is a celebration of the fresh and flavourful seafood that makes our city great. The fest is from 03rd to 19th Dec at Andheri East and Vashi.

Crabs are delicious to eat but they are messy. However, to make it uncomplicated for you to eat, the restaurant does provide a crab cutter, a bone marrow device and a good old knife to all guests. So even if you are one of them who has never eaten crabs before, the task may appear easy and simple for you. In short, it will help you relish the seafood without much mess and chaos.

When you sit down for a meal at Something's Fishy, you can expect nothing short of an impeccable culinary experience from beginning to end. So get set for the most sizzling and sensational crabs, lobsters and wine festival in town. Treat your taste buds with well-prepared recipes like nowhere else at the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East and Vashi.

Authentic seafood is difficult to find and hence, Something's Fishy is the place to be for the best seafood in the city. The Tunga Hotels have been creating a legacy of their own in the world of hospitality for the last three decades. The star hotels in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai provide exquisite dining options to tickle your taste buds. Moreover, with a cheerful ambiance and the warmth of Indian hospitality, Tunga Hotels are truly a welcome sanctuary for discerning travelers, both local as well as international.

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