Bow before the Lobster Thermidor!
20 June 2018

Bow before the Lobster Thermidor!

Royalty is here. Lobster Thermidor. Sounds like some emperor from the lost continent of Atlantis, who is out to conquer the world, doesn’t it? Well, no need to fear any aquatic invasions for the time being, you can just continue to read this article and enrich your brain with the vast knowledge of food. Also, it’s time this blog section got some royalty in its list of topics.

The Lobster Thermidore is an exquisite dish that is French in origin. No, not all fancy things need to hail from France, this dish is an exception. The dish consists of a mixture of lobster meat that is cooked, egg yolks, and brandy, all of which is stuffed inside a lobster. The texture of this mixture is extremely creamy and consists of the characteristic lobster shell flavors, which start mingling on the tongue when one eats it. The sauce used in the dish is one, which has to contain some amounts of mustard in it. The Lobster Thermidor can also be served with a crust made of Gruyere Cheese, a cheese which has its origins in the Gruyere town of Switzerland. You can observe how exotic the dish is, just by gauging the origin and source its ingredients.

If one were to look back into History to further dwell on its origins, one would find themselves at a specific restaurant in Paris, in the year 1880, where a restauranteur/culinary writer called Auguste Escoffier was working. The restaurant that Auguste used to work in, was situated beside a theatre. At a specific time of that year, a play which was called ‘Thermidor’ ran quite successfully. Most of the population used to come to the theatre, to watch the play, as a result of which, any item to be associated with the word would be considered a good “marketing strategy”, for that time. As a result, the particular dish was named ‘Lobster Thermidor’.

The word Thermidor comes from an event that happened in a specific month, especially in the French calendar, which holds significance for that region. An amazing part of this tale, is that the popularity of this dish far exceeded the popularity of the original play. In fact, the play didn’t get to see the light of day for it’s 4th screening, but the Lobster Thermidor, reached the United States, in 1907, and several decades later, we can see that Lobster Thermidor is being served today, in some of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East.

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