Best seafood restaurant in Vashi is open now
08 June 2017

Prawns are mouth – watering and I could never resist it. And unlike me there are many who love its taste. They are the ones that suits me best among seafood. Not all restaurants are likely to quench my thirst for prawns though, and not all know the technique of preparing it the correct way. Seafood cooking is an art and one must master it.

There are thousands of different species that exist in Prawns. Commonly preferred ones are the tiger and the king prawns. They are healthy and versatile and during summer’s it is simply the best that will gel well with your taste. Though Prawns are eaten all round the year, they are brilliant during this time. From prawn sandwiches to crispy prawns with dipping sauces. A Prawn salad is my personal favourite and serves me best during the warmer months. They are good for your health and is enriched in iron, zinc and vitamin e. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids that keep your heart healthy. It can be grilled, steamed or a light stir-frying with olive oil will be the best. They are very least in fats and saturated fat.

Something’s Fishy opened recently is the best seafood restaurant in Vashi, has already acquired the title for himself. It is following the footsteps of the Something’s Fishy, Andheri who are popularly known for the excellent seafood varieties it offers. The platter size is large and one has vivid options to go for. They just don’t deal in prawns but also have a long list of all major seafoods and it is the specialists who cook them with fine understanding. It is an unrivaled taste that you find here. The restaurant grips you in its enchant ones you visit it and you are addicted to it. Prawns here are cooked in Mangalorian, Goan, North Indian and other vivid styles with an air of aroma that none can withstand. The dream of all prawn admirers will now stand true at Something’s Fishy, where they choose, prepare and cook it to the best.

Choose the Best:
The fresh prawns should taste fresh and clean, whether it is raw or cooked. They should look moist and that which looks dry and have broken or cracked shell should be avoided. At Something’s Fishy, they will never provide you with such Prawns for it is the repute they never want to mess with. Prawns are equally tasty when cold, but this restaurant will always serve it to you-steaming hot. They never want you to compromise with the taste.

Peel the shells from the king and tiger prawns and taste the raw, juicy and big scrumptious flesh at the best seafood restaurant in Vashi.

The shell-on prawns are carefully peeled and is convenient both before or after cooking. At this restaurant, they opt for the latter as the prawns are juicier and more flavourful. After peeling the shell from the body, particularly check for the black line which is the intestinal tract. It is full when it is black. It is not harmful to eat it, but the prawn will taste a little grainy.

Storing it:
The fishes at Something’s Fishy is never stale and to keep it’s freshness whole, one must carefully store it. Like shellfish, prawns also go off easily. They are therefore stored in sealed containers and is not kept more than 24 hours of purchase. The taste of the prawns, or in general all seafood will be affected when it isn’t fresh.

Prawns are either stirred, grilled, barbecued or poached. This restaurant offers you Prawn Masala, Prawns Pickle Curry, Prawns Gassi, Prawns Baby Chilly and many more that will just taste delectable and leave your taste buds warm and moist. The experience at Something’s Fishy Vashi will always be cherished.