Best Seafood in Vashi
5 October 2016

Something’s Fishy, by Tunga Hotels offers a delectable assortment of the freshest seafood and other delectable dishes. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers the best food coupled with the fine dining experience that you are looking for. Whether you’re a fan of Mangalorean fish curry or a steamed fish in black bean sauce, it’s got something for every foodie out there. It looks classy and is the type of dining experience that offers value for your money. The chefs work behind the scenes to bring you the best in quality and quantity. They are as finicky as the most fastidious customer out there because they want to make every bite memorable. The food is authentic and full of flavor. They are prepared with a lot of technique and knowledge. The staff is trained to make your food experience as comfortable and hassle free as possible. They are courteous and welcoming, they are knowledgeable about the menu and can suggest dishes or even tell how each one is ready.

Finding the best seafood in Vashi may be tricky but now it is not hard at all. The Tunga hotel brings to you the finest and the best seafood in Vashi. We want to give you the best dining experience that you have ever had. Not just the best but the best of the best seafood in Vashi that you have ever had.

Fish provides a good source of high-quality protein and has many vitamins and minerals. It can be classed as white fish, oily fish, or shellfish. Whitefish contains less fat and have firm flesh (usually less than 1%) where oily fish, like salmon, contain between 10-25%. The latter, due to its high fat content, has a variety of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) and essential fatty acids, all of which are important for the immune system.

We not only cater to the fish loves but to the vegetarians as well. Best seafood in Vashi is Tunga Hotels’ specialty but when it comes to vegetarians we do not ever let you down. With mouthwatering paneer and other dishes, you are sure to come to here again and again.

For the mains You should indulge in the Alleppey Curry marinated in hung yogurt and cooked with coconut milk and raw mangoes or the exotic Lobster Malwani and Teesrya Koshimbir clams

For the mains, the Murgh Khatta Pyaz, the Chicken Diablo Roasted Root Vegetable in Continental style, Nalli Nihari which is the greatest Kashmiri delicacy and the exotic New Zealand Lamb Chops Forest Mushroom Potato Hash.

For the mains try the Singhada Mutter and the Peeli Mirch Adraki Paneer.

So don’t wait any longer to have the best experience that you have ever had. Come on down to the Tunga hotel’s something’s Fishy. Taste the best seafood in Vashi today, excite your taste buds with every bite you take. Something’s Fishy always waits to serve you with the best food that you have ever had.