Best Seafood in Vashi is here:
25 May 2017

We have surely seen or heard of Fish Addictive Bongs in the community, and yet more certainly will you be one among them too, when you visit this restaurant in Vashi.

Something’s Fishy, is that drug which will quench your thirst with the perfectly cooked fish. It holds some of the finest cuisines that can excite your pallet. In context to the name, it provides a perfect picture to the mind wherein you know that it is a “Fishy” - affair. Well acclaimed for fishes, the restaurant also has a wide range of vegetarian food which is equally tasty and delectable. It also has a great collection of wines and a much wider collection of fresh fishes that will perplex you. You really don’t know what to select from among Crabs, Salmon, Lobsters, Pollock, Catfish, Cod, Unicorn, Whiting, Shrimps and many more. Try out the different tastes of crabs and lobsters with the best-paired wine, and that would make your entire day. To mention a few: Prawns Gassi, Tawa Pomphret fry, Pomphret in Malwani curry offered in the restaurant are my personal favorites.

Recently established, Something's Fishy at Vashi is continuing the legacy of Something’s Fishy, Andheri that was established long back in 2003; and it has already become one of the best Seafood Restaurants in there. Service is quick and always fresh. The takeaway menu offers a wide variety of variations of dishes so that you taste a bit of the world. It has made a name for itself by serving absolute lip-smacking and the “a la carte” delicacies. This will surely have your palate gratified.

Although, you may agree that dining in a fish restaurant in Vashi is a nice change from home but sometimes there are certain circumstances where getting the food packed is also a question we commonly ask. You may wish to take the “fully flavored” delicacy home too, allowing the same rejoice your taste buds experienced for someone sitting back at home; friends, relatives or family. Something’s Fishy looks at all such necessary outcomes to ensure you that you get steaming hot food as it reaches your house. Along with the seafood, as a part of the takeout delivery, it also offers you with a vast variety of vegetarian delicacies which are simply delicious! So, whether you choose between vegetarian or non-veg dishes, you can be sure of freshness and taste that remains intact every moment when you call for a home delivery.

The first impression is the most important point hit and that is what they strive to accomplish. In spite of having an excellent built in reputation, it further aims at becoming the best Seafood Restaurant in Vashi soon. The place also serves buffets which are equally tasty and that too at a much affordable price.

There are many seafood restaurants in Vashi, but the authentic ones in Vashi are difficult to find. That's the reason why Something's Fishy is the place to visit if you are looking for the best seafood in Vashi.

“Relish it once and you'll discover why sharing it will be difficult for you!