Become a Crab-eating Expert in 5 Steps
30 June 2017

When it comes to dining at Something’s Fishy, the favourite seafood restaurant in Andheri, crab is a popular choice among seafood lovers. While crabs are delicious to eat, they can be messy to eat. Especially if you are someone who has never eaten crab before, the task may appear daunting.

At Something’s Fishy, we provide a convenient crab-eating experience. Here you can easily unravel the ‘mystery’ and discover a quick and easy way to eat a crab!

Before you move on to the steps, remember the golden rule of eating crab: There is nothing better than using your bare hands to relish this luscious seafood. However, to make things simpler, we do provide tools like a crab cutter, a bone marrow device and a good old knife to our guests. Moreover, a full body apron is also provided so that you don’t mess your clothes, while you enjoy your favourite crab meal.

So, here are some simple crab-eating steps from one of the best seafood restaurants in Andheri.

Step 1
First, separate the shell from the body and place it aside. You will find the claws and body parts in nicely cut pieces.

Step 2
Detach the claws and the legs from the body. This will give you more leverage to eat the crab properly. Next, crack the claws with your crab cutter and squeeze the tool until it breaks.

Step 3
Use your fingers to pull out the meat from the claws and enjoy. If there is more meat stuck inside, use a long-stemmed fork or a bone marrow device to remove the stubborn meat from the shell of the claws.

Step 4
Similarly, you can either crack the other finer legs or just bite or chew them to enjoy the meat from inside. Depending on the size of the crab, the meat in the finer legs can be stringy or dry. However, in larger crabs, the legs can be juicy and meaty to eat.

Step 5
Once you are done relishing the meat from the claws and the legs, get ready to relish the meat from the crab’s body. Take the body and break it into half. You will clearly see the crab meat is separated into two chambers. Use your finger or the bone marrow tool to remove the meat.

This is it!! You are officially now a crab-eating expert. Congratulations!

So, the next time you visit your favourite seafood restaurant in Andheri, you know you are confident enough to savour a luscious, lip-smacking crab meal.

The key to enjoying a delightful crab meal is to make sure that you have lots of patience. You cannot jump into a plate of crabs assuming that you are going to begin to crack them open in no time. It is not going to take some practice to master these steps, especially if you are a first-time crab eater. With time, you will be able to relish crabs without the mess and chaos.