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Share the Seafood Love in Andheri East
25 April 2017

Mumbai’s culture lies in its fresh assortment of seafood. And you will find the best seafood restaurants in Andheri East. Andheri East is a “fish hub” and the Arabian Sea, like a dutiful trader, brings in a fresh catch every day. The markets are dotted with rows of banana leaves laden with Pomfret, Crabs, Prawns, and Bangda, in all shapes and sizes.

Crabby Event in Vashi
19 April 2017

Seafood is a versatile class of food in itself. It’s easy to prepare, easy to eat and also very good for one’s health. It can be used in salads, fried, in a curry, baked, steamed and even eaten raw. It can be quite an acquired taste, but owing to its large variety, there’s something in it for everyone, except vegetarians.

Tunga Boasts Some of the Best Hotels near the Highway at Andheri
12 April 2017

Families and business travellers to Mumbai usually prefer staying in one of the good hotels near the highway at Andheri, because of the short commute time to various other places, and its close proximity to the international and domestic airport. Moreover, it eliminates traffic headaches, parking costs, and confusing interchanging routes.

Seafood Stories in Vashi
07 April 2017

With Mumbai being the hub of seafood, it is just the ideal place to get the best seafood. It is the hub of the multiple varieties of fish and multiple ways of preparing the fish. If you find yourself in Andheri then you are in the right place. Fish restaurants in Vashi are many but to get to the best one is tricky to find. Restaurants do have their famous was of cooking up seafood but finding the best where it takes you back to the first time you really enjoyed the taste of fish can be difficult to find.

Lobster Love in Andheri East
05 April 2017

“Food is not about impressing people, it’s about making them comfortable”
Seafood has jumped leaps and bounds, especially in India. From the humble curry to modern plates of food, seafood is now prepared to showcase every cuisine from all around the world. Mumbai is a port city with an abundance of seafood, from the tiny prawn to the mighty Pomfret. Seafood in Andheri East has slowly started building a solid reputation for itself. And there is one place that dishes up varied, fresh, delicious and best seafood in Andheri East.