Andheri East Specialities in Sefood
11 November 2016

With good food comes good feeling as well. We look for the best seafood in Andher East and the one that stood out is Something’s Fishy. As the winter sets in Mumbai a slight chill hovers over. We all want nice fresh and hot food coming out of the kitchen. And what better way to enjoy this winter season with a good glass of wine. Something’s Fishy has a great collection of wine and an even wider collection of fresh fish that you will not know that to order. As you sit in the fine dining restaurant the aroma sweeps you off your feet. Good food is a number one priority to any seafood lover, and that is exactly what Something’s Fishy will offer you best seafood in Andheri East. With fresh fish and flavors that will excite your palate to no extent.

Something’s Fishy has taken it upon himself to server to you only the best this winter. As crabs and lobsters are foods that tend to heat you up on the inside, it is perfect for this season. They have the best of the best crabs and lobsters for you to try with a variety of wines to go along with it. As you order your crab or lobster you are given a grand list of wines that will go perfectly with your dish. However, there are many wines that can go with crab. But you should know one simple rule, the wine should be white whenever you eat crab. However, it should not be too oaky, fairly crispy with acidity and minerality. Save the richer and buttery and oakier wines for the lobsters.

The worst thing to do is pair the wrong wine to your meal. But you will not have to worry as the staff will always be there to help you out. It is kind of impossible for you to go wrong while choosing our wine as said before there are many wines that go along with crabs and lobsters. This winter is the best season for crabs and lobsters and the best time of the year for wine lovers as well. So break out those chilled whites, no matter how cold it is outside. Something’s Fishy is the best place to eat crabs and lobsters, and even better get your food paired with the best wine on the menu. Don’t miss out the best festival coming your way! “Crabalicious” a combination of crab or lobster with the best wine. Book your table now to get the best.

Something’s Fishy offers you with the best festival you could think of with the best seafood in Andheri East. Come on down to Andheri East to taste some of the finest dishes you have never tried before. Crabalicious festival is right around the corner and Something’s Fishy is waiting or you come and taste the delicacies they are ready to offer you. Block your dates and don’t miss out on what they have in store. Something’s Fishy is waiting for you.